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Virginia Tech Athletics reveals fan experience elements for 2023 football season

Fan Experience Elements Released for 2023 Virginia Tech Football Season – Virginia Tech Athletics

As Hokie Nation eagerly awaits the start of the 2023 college football season, the Virginia Tech athletics department has given fans a reason to be even more excited. In a recent announcement, the department outlined important fan experience elements that will be implemented at Lane Stadium this year. With a focus on enhancing the overall game-day experience, these additions are sure to make attending a Virginia Tech football game an unforgettable event.

Delicious and Diverse Food Options

When it comes to game-day concessions, Lane Stadium is upping its game for the 2023 season. Fans will now have a wide array of food options available throughout the stadium. From classic favorites like hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and fries to mouthwatering brisket grinders and loaded fries with brisket, there will be something for everyone’s taste buds. Fans craving a taste of Philly can look forward to “City Steaks” serving up authentic Philly cheesesteaks. And to satisfy the sweet tooth, Rookie’s Ice Cream sandwiches will be available in six locations. With these additions, fans will have no shortage of delicious options to choose from during the game.

Fan-Friendly Concessions

In response to fan feedback, the Virginia Tech athletics department is bringing back the popular Fan-Friendly Concessions program. This initiative aims to provide more affordable concession options for fans. In addition to the standard hot dogs and fountain drinks, fans can enjoy nachos, popcorn, and water at every stand. These options will be available at various locations, including Portals 6, 15, 20, 23, 29, 35, 102, and the Upper South End Zone concourse. The department’s commitment to offering these affordable options ensures that fans of all budgets can enjoy all that Lane Stadium has to offer.

Beer & Seltzers

For those who enjoy an ice-cold beverage while cheering on the Hokies, Lane Stadium will once again offer beer and seltzers for purchase. The selection includes popular options such as Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Lite, as well as craft beer choices like Bells Two Hearted IPA and the Fightin’ Hokies Lager and Hefeweizen. To cater to the growing demand for hard seltzers, options like White Claw Black Cherry, High Noon Pineapple, and Twisted Tea will also be available. As always, proper identification will be required, ensuring that only those of legal drinking age can enjoy these options.

Group Ticket Opportunities

To make the game-day experience even more memorable, Virginia Tech Athletics is offering group ticket opportunities for any groups of 10 or more. This program allows groups to enjoy ticketed events in Blacksburg together and offers unique experiences such as prize packs and pregame sideline access. Group leaders will have the assistance of a dedicated account executive to help with ticket acquisition and planning. With group packages selling fast, interested group leaders are encouraged to act quickly to secure their spots.

Mobile Ticketing

Virginia Tech is embracing technology and convenience with their transition to a mobile-first ticketing system. The HokieSports mobile app and My Account portal offer fans an easy way to manage their tickets and provide an extra layer of security by protecting against fraudulent and counterfeit tickets. Season ticket holders can now add their entire season ticket to their phone’s wallet with just one download. This highly convenient feature ensures that fans can have their tickets readily available on their mobile devices, simplifying the entry process and improving the overall game-day experience.

Student-Only Entrance

To streamline entry times for students and maintain the general admission seating in the student section, Gate 7 will continue to be an exclusive student entrance. Students wishing to sit in the North End Zone must enter through Gate 7 and receive a wristband upon entry. The wristbands will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, students can find seating options on the East side in specific sections. This dedicated student entrance and seating areas ensure that students have convenient access to their preferred seating areas and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere in Lane Stadium.

Cashless Concessions

In an effort to speed up transactions and improve efficiency, Virginia Tech Athletics will continue to utilize cashless payment methods at all concession stands. This practical adjustment minimizes wait times and eliminates the need for handling currency. While cash will not be accepted at the concession stands, fans who prefer to pay in cash can still purchase gift cards at the west side Hokie Shop. These gift cards will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $200. This shift to cashless transactions ensures a smoother experience for all fans attending games at Lane Stadium.

Related Facts

  • Virginia Tech Athletics is continuously striving to improve the fan experience at Lane Stadium.
  • This will be the second year of the Brent Pry era, and excitement is building among Hokie Nation.
  • The addition of diverse food options caters to the varying tastes of fans attending the games.
  • The Fan-Friendly Concessions program addresses the need for more affordable options, ensuring that a visit to Lane Stadium is accessible to all fans.
  • The inclusion of beer and seltzers expands the beverage choices and enhances the social experience of attending games.
  • Group ticket opportunities offer a unique way for friends, families, and organizations to bond over their love for Virginia Tech football.
  • Mobile ticketing provides a convenient and secure way for fans to access their tickets and eliminates the need for paper tickets.
  • The student-only entrance and seating areas cater specifically to the needs and preferences of Virginia Tech students.
  • The shift to cashless concessions streamlines transactions and improves overall efficiency at Lane Stadium.

Key Takeaway

The release of important fan experience elements for the upcoming 2023 Virginia Tech football season shows the commitment of the athletics department to create a memorable and enjoyable game-day experience for every fan. From mouthwatering food options to convenient mobile ticketing, the additions and improvements aim to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the Hokie Nation. It is evident that the department has carefully considered fan feedback and taken steps to address them, ensuring that attending a Virginia Tech football game is an experience fans will cherish for years to come.


With the unveiling of these fan experience elements, it is clear that the Virginia Tech athletics department is dedicated to creating a remarkable game-day atmosphere at Lane Stadium. The addition of diverse food options, affordable concessions, and alcoholic beverages, as well as the implementation of convenient mobile ticketing and cashless transactions, demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the overall fan experience. As the Hokie Nation prepares for the second year of the Brent Pry era, these elements will undoubtedly contribute to the excitement and thrill surrounding Virginia Tech football games. So, grab your tickets, put on your maroon and orange, and get ready to cheer on the Hokies in what promises to be an unforgettable season.

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