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Upgrade of Commercial Electric Vehicles to Autonomous Vehicles through a Partnership between STEER and Lightning eMotors

The game-changing partnership of STEER and Lightning eMotors has been announced, and it is set to upgrade commercial electric vehicles into autonomous vehicles. The collaboration aims to integrate STEER’s autonomous vehicle technology into Lightning’s medium-duty commercial electric vehicles, which will allow their customers to enhance safety and efficiency while using their electric vehicles. This technology will further enable semi-autonomous charging and enhance operational safety and efficiency.

STEER’s AV technology is state-of-the-art technology that can add additional safety functionality unavailable with most medium-duty commercial EVs. This includes collision avoidance, autonomous vehicle movement, and parking automation. The AV technology will be a significant addition to the various use cases, including employee transportation and student transportation. The safety of pedestrians will be significantly increased with the use of AV technology, a product of this partnership.

The AV technology will also be able to automate parking in crowded lots like school bus yards and transit marshaling yards. It offers maximum flexibility while enhancing operational efficiency and automating last-mile functions such as semi-automatic charging. For example, fleet operators can set customized battery thresholds that, when hit, activate specific vehicles and drive them to the charger for recharging. All these automated functions will ensure an always-ready fleet.

Lightning eMotors is one of the companies working to provide sustainable solutions for commercial EV fleets. Therefore, the integration of STEER’s autonomous vehicle technology will complement Lightning eMotors’ current operations. The autonomous vehicle solution from STEER will allow Lightning’s customers extra safety function within their EV. This collaboration will undoubtedly allow Lightning to provide best-in-class electric vehicle solutions to commercial customers.

The CEO of STEER Tech, Anuja Sonalker, noted that autonomous vehicle technology is a game-changer not only for safety but also for sustainability. As a leader in autonomous vehicle engineering innovative solutions, STEER continues to develop autonomous technology for passenger and commercial vehicles. The technology can be applied to parking, low-speed driving, first and last-mile delivery, vehicle maintenance, fleet operations, logistics, and other custom use cases.

The integration of the AV technology from STEER into Lightning’s medium-duty commercial EVs will enhance their customers’ safety while using their EVs. The AV platform includes a dashboard for vehicle analytics, which includes comprehensive vehicle health monitoring and automatic triggers, enhancing the overall efficiency of the vehicle.

Related Facts:

– Lightning eMotors provides zero-emission medium-duty commercial electric vehicles and electric vehicle (EV) technology for fleets.
– STEER Tech is the leading OEM that engineers innovative solutions to mobility issues faced by enterprises and consumers.
– The AV technology from STEER will offer unique safety functionalities currently unavailable in most medium-duty commercial EVs, such as collision avoidance and autonomous vehicle movement, among other features.
– The AV technology from STEER allows for parking automation and semi-automatic charging, providing maximum flexibility and enhanced operational efficiency.

Key Takeaway:

The collaboration between STEER and Lightning eMotors will significantly enhance the safety and efficiency of medium-duty commercial EVs. The AV technology from STEER improves a hybrid fleet with unique safety functionalities currently unavailable in most medium-duty commercial EVs. It also allows for parking automation, semi-automatic charging, and reduced human involvement while increasing operational efficiency.


The collaboration between STEER and Lightning eMotors will significantly benefit the commercial EV fleet and the EV industry as a whole. It shows the commitment of the two leading companies to provide sustainable and innovative commercial EV solutions to demanding customers. The partnership of Lightning and STEER will undoubtedly lead to a more secure and efficient future of commercial EVs.

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