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Unmentioned Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home in 2023, Often Overlooked by Property Agents: 8 Key Points

8 Overlooked Factors Your Property Agent May Not Mention When Choosing Your Home in 2023

With changing times and marketing strategies, there are certain factors that home buyers must keep in mind while choosing their dream abode. Some of these aspects may often be overlooked by property agents, but it’s essential to consider them before investing in a property. Here are eight such factors that you must keep in mind when choosing your home in 2023:

1. The Discrepancy Involving Strata Void Space

The redefinition of “gross floor area” in 2022 excludes strata void space – the space between the floor and ceiling, which isn’t livable. However, sellers of older properties are still including strata void space in their listing descriptions as they tend to follow the size description they were given when they purchased the unit.

If you’re buying a resale unit, it’s best to confirm whether the given square footage includes void space to avoid confusion.

2. Check The Flexibility Of The Floor Plan

Developers often offer “flexible room” plans, where a single space – such as the living room – is designed to accommodate an extra study or bedroom. However, such flexibility can sometimes be of poor quality and lead to inefficiency in the layout. Consulting with an Interior Designer or contractor can help determine whether the “optional” extra room would be appropriate.

3. Efficiency Of The Kitchen Space

Open kitchen plans may be frustrating for serious home cooks, as the preparation space becomes limited. Similarly, the size and position of the service yard and kitchen islands can significantly impact the kitchen’s efficiency. It’s essential to consider these factors before buying a unit, especially for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

4. Account For Pet And Gardening Considerations

If you’re a pet owner, it’s necessary to look for units with enclosed lobbies, ensuring your pets don’t escape outside. For gardeners, having a Private Enclosed Space (PES) like a patio can help extend the garden area. Similarly, checking the aircon ledge’s position and ensuring it stays hidden can also help maintain an uncluttered view.

5. Some Floors Are Closer To Above-Ground

Floors closer to above-ground may be noisier than those on higher floors, which can be unpleasant for tenants. Planning ahead and choosing a unit far from the busy street or buying a unit with thicker windows can help mitigate noise levels.

6. The Quality Of Building Material And Design

The quality of building material and design can have a considerable impact on future maintenance and repairs. It’s crucial to inspect the foundation, plumbing, and electrical systems carefully before investing in a property. Additionally, a unit’s exposure to sunlight can affect the temperature and electricity bills. Therefore, picking a unit with sufficient insulation can help save on utility costs.

7. The Availability Of Parking Space

With more people owning cars, parking space has become an essential feature when purchasing a unit. Ensuring adequate parking space is available for all family vehicles will help avoid future disputes and inconvenience.

8. The Availability Of Facilities and Amenities

Certain facilities like gymnasiums, swimming pools, or clubhouses may be a necessity for some buyers. Checking the availability of such amenities and their quality before investing in a property is necessary to avoid future disappointment.

Related Facts

  • Property prices may rise due to an increase in Green Mark buildings and eco-friendly features.
  • Smaller units are gaining popularity, preferred by singles or small families.
  • Sustainable technology, such as smart home systems, are becoming more accessible to intermediate buyers.

Key Takeaway

Choosing the perfect home requires considering several factors beyond location, square footage, and price. Inspecting the unit’s layout, kitchen space, and building material can have long-term benefits, ensuring comfortable living in the future.


As a home buyer, it’s crucial to keep up with the evolving housing market’s trends and marketing strategies. The above-listed factors can help you ensure a comfortable living space while avoiding long-term dissatisfaction and regret. By planning ahead and conducting thorough inspections, you can make the right decision and purchase the perfect home for yourself and your family.

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