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Unbiased Overview of Hmlet, Figment & Coliwoo: My Quest for the Best Co-living Company in Singapore

My Search for the Perfect Co-Living Company in Singapore: A Non-Sponsored Overview on Hmlet, Figment & Coliwoo


As a Singaporean single, finding an affordable and suitable living arrangement in Singapore can be a challenge. Renting a place has its own set of complications and expenses, while buying a property as an unmarried individual can be prohibitively expensive.

After considering my options, I decided to explore co-living as a potential solution. In this article, I will share my experience with three notable co-living companies in Singapore: Hmlet, Figment, and Coliwoo.

Why I Gave Up on Renting

Before delving into co-living, I initially considered renting as an option. However, I soon discovered that renting was too expensive and too much of a hassle to be worth it.

Setting a minimum rental price of $2,000 per month, I found that even with this filter, I was still being shown shared rooms on rental platforms like PropertyGuru. Furthermore, setting up utilities and internet, doing an inventory, and dealing with landlords ran the risk of disputes over deposits in the future.

Overall, my experience with renting in the past left me with little faith in the rental system.

Exploring Co-Living Options

After giving up on renting, I began exploring co-living options. Co-living provided the potential for more professional management, social connectivity, and pre-furnished living spaces.

I tried out three co-living companies in Singapore: Hmlet, Figment, and Coliwoo. My experience with each company was paid for by me, so I can assure readers that my opinions are wholly objective.


Hmlet is one of the more established co-living companies in Singapore, with multiple properties across the city-state. I stayed in one of their co-living spaces for a week, and overall, it was a positive experience.

The property was well-managed, with communal spaces that fostered social interaction. The living spaces were clean and comfortable, with all the necessary amenities included. My only issue was that the communal spaces could be noisy, which affected my ability to work from home.


Figment is a co-living company with a focus on design, with properties across Singapore and Tokyo. I stayed in one of their co-living spaces for a few days, and it was a unique experience.

The living spaces were stylish and modern, with a focus on sustainability and convenience. However, while the communal spaces were visually impressive, they lacked the level of social interaction that I was hoping for.


Coliwoo is a relatively new co-living company in Singapore, with only one property in the city-state. I stayed in their co-living space for a few days, and it was a mixed experience.

The living space itself was well-maintained and comfortable, with all amenities included. However, the communal spaces were relatively small and lacked the level of social interaction that I was hoping for. Additionally, the location of the property was relatively secluded, making it challenging to access amenities and public transport.

Related Facts

– The average lowest rent in 2023 for an HDB in Singapore is $2,000.

– The minimum lease period for an HDB in Singapore is six months or three consecutive months for private property.

– Landlords in Singapore are not bound to keep the deposit in a trust or Escrow account.

Key Takeaways

After trying out different co-living companies, I realized that co-living can be an excellent solution for singles looking for affordable and convenient living arrangements. However, it is essential to recognize that different co-living companies have varying advantages and drawbacks.

When considering co-living, it is crucial to prioritize what you are looking for in a living space. Whether it is sustainability, social interaction, or a convenient location, there is likely a co-living company out there that can cater to your needs.


Finding suitable living arrangements in Singapore can be a challenge, but co-living offers a viable solution for those who value affordability, convenience, and community. My experience with Hmlet, Figment, and Coliwoo shows that each co-living company has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to do your research and prioritize what matters most to you.

Denk Liu
Denk Liu
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