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Unaudited Financial Results of Greenland Technologies for Q1 of 2023 Announced

Greenland Technologies Reports First Quarter 2023 Unaudited Financial Results


Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: GTEC) has recently announced its unaudited financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2023. Despite the pandemic challenges, Greenland Technologies achieved strong growth and profitability during the first quarter of this year. The company’s gross margin improved, while they continued to drive higher profitability through improved mix of higher value products and increased operational efficiencies.

First Quarter 2023 Financial and Operating Highlights


Greenland Technologies’ revenue in the first quarter was $22.1 million, compared with $29.3 million a year ago. This decrease is primarily due to logistical and supply chain challenges following the end of China’s zero COVID policies and significant pent-up demand related to travel during this year’s Chinese New Year Holiday.

Gross Margin

The company’s gross margin was 24.9%, up 320 basis points from 21.7% a year ago on improved product mix, resulting in a continued focus on higher value and more sophisticated transmission products, such as hydraulic transmissions.

Net Income

The net income for the first quarter was $2.5 million, compared with $2.9 million in the first quarter of 2022.

Transmission Products Sold

The number of transmission products sold during the first quarter was 36,841 units, compared with 41,902 units last year.

Related Facts

The first quarter is typically a slower time for industrial equipment purchases. Additionally, China has been facing some logistical and supply chain challenges, which have impacted Greenland’s revenue for Q1 2023. Despite these obstacles, demand for Greenland’s core transmission business is expected to return to normalcy by H2 2023.

Key Takeaway

Greenland Technologies reported a favorable first quarter with growing gross margins and profitability achieved through their strategic optimizations in product mix and increased operational efficacy. These improvements showcase the company’s leadership, although some roadblocks are there, the business has shown strength during the pandemic conditions. Greenland Technologies expects improved demand in the second half of 2023 and anticipates continuing investment in their HEVI division for more product expansion.


Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation is optimistic about their transit division’s future growth and believes they will continue to create significant shareholder value as they innovate and expand into new markets. The first quarter of 2023 showcases an excellent start to the new fiscal year. While facing the pandemic’s hurdles, Greenland Technologies’ operational procedures demonstrate their agility and adaptiveness to maneuver through this challenging time, delivering continued growth and gross margin progress.

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