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Tribute to Military Spouses on Presidio of Monterey’s Appreciation Day

A Presidio of Monterey Military Spouse Appreciation Day Tribute

As we celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day on May 12, it is essential to recognize the sacrifices and contributions military spouses make to support their service member and the nation. Military spouses are unsung heroes who selflessly assume multiple roles and duties, from being a parent and managing home affairs to adjusting to frequent relocations and uncertainties.

At the Presidio of Monterey, California, where military families are a part of the community, we spoke to four military spouses to hear their experiences, perspectives, and advice. Here’s what they had to say.

Alie Finocchiaro, Army spouse of Lt. Col. James Finocchiaro, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Inspector General

Alie has been a military spouse for 22 years, and her journey has been challenging yet rewarding. She had no prior military experience but adapted to her new life, moving three times in the early years when her spouse was frequently deployed. Being an introvert, Alie found it challenging to meet new people and make friends in new places, but she discovered some amazing people globally, thanks to her military affiliation. Alie’s most memorable experience was when she moved from Belgium to Kansas when she was six-and-a-half months pregnant and had an almost unbelievable experience with odyssey movers. She doesn’t have a single favorite duty location but cherishes every experience as a learning opportunity.

Liz Dalton, Navy spouse of Capt. Adam Dalton, Commander, Naval Support Activity Monterey

Liz has served as a military spouse for over 26 years, and she often refers to her association with the Navy as a ‘family business.’ Liz understands the sacrifices spouses have to make but says that being a military spouse has given her a purpose and let her meet some incredible people. She advises new military spouses to embrace the unique opportunities that come with being a military family but urges them to put their families’ needs first. Liz’s favorite duty station is Hawaii, where she lived for six years and was lucky enough to appreciate the beauty of the islands.

Jeffrey Molinary, Army spouse of Staff Sgt. Louis Molinary, Presidio of Monterey G1 HR Sergeant

Jeffrey has been a military spouse for almost four years and likes to call herself a late-bloomer. She has served as a teacher and a counselor and understands the difficulties spouses face when trying to maintain professional stability. Jeffrey’s advice to new military spouses is to communicate with their service members and maintain open communication about personal and professional goals. Jeffrey’s favorite duty location is Monterey, where she and her family have found a home and settled into the community.

Athena Thiel, Air Force spouse of Col. Jack Thiel, 35th Commandant, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

Athena has served as a military spouse for more than 25 years and understands the importance of building a network and finding support in the community. Athena urges new military spouses to remember that they are not alone and that there are resources and support available within the military community. Athena’s favorite duty location is Europe, where she lived for eight years and cherished the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures.

The role of the military spouse is critical to the service member’s success, and their contributions cannot be overstated. Military spouses are often the glue that holds a family together, and their resilience, courage, and perseverance are admirable. On Military Spouse Appreciation Day, let us all take a moment to recognize and thank military spouses for their unwavering dedication and service.

Related Facts:

– Military Spouse Appreciation Day is observed annually on May 12 as part of National Military Appreciation Month.
– Military spouses take on multiple roles, from being a parent to a teacher, nurse, and financial planner.
– The challenges military spouses face include frequent relocations, putting personal and professional aspirations aside, and coping with uncertainties.
– The military community offers resources and support to military spouses to help them cope with the challenges they face.

Key Takeaway:

Military spouses are unsung heroes who make countless sacrifices and contributions to support their service members and the nation. On Military Spouse Appreciation Day, let us recognize and appreciate their invaluable service and dedication.


Military spouses embody strength, resilience, and sacrifice and make a critical contribution to the nation’s defense. As we celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day, we thank all military spouses past and present for their unwavering commitment to our service members, families, and communities. Their service and sacrifices do not go unnoticed, and we owe them an eternal debt of gratitude.

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