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Transitioning from a 9,000 sqft landed home in Bukit Timah to an HDB flat: My Experience

I moved from a 9,000 sqft landed home in Bukit Timah to an HDB flat: Here’s what it was like

As a typical Singaporean, most of us are accustomed to living in small apartments, with some lucky enough to live in landed properties. However, for J, it was quite the opposite. Growing up in a massive 9,000+ square feet home with dogs and a swimming pool must have been quite the luxury. But as his life progressed, he eventually moved to a four-room HDB flat in Queenstown. So, what was it like making such a drastic change?

From Watten Estate to Queenstown

J’s experience had him living in a landed property belonging to his parents for most of his life. They owned a detached house located in Watten Estate, a high-end landed enclave in the Bukit Timah area. This massive three-storey house with an attic, an outdoor pool, and plenty of space was where J grew up.

However, after getting married, J and his spouse wanted a space to call their own, something they could decorate and invite friends over to, something their parents’ home could not offer. They did their own affordability assessment and found that they could afford some of the flats in Queenstown. They eventually moved to a mid-level four-room HDB flat, which has been their home for a few years now.

Pros and cons of moving out

As expected, moving from a massive landed property to an HDB flat was not without losses. J admitted that he missed his pool, the large bedroom, and the fact that parking was free. However, he also mentioned things he did not miss, like the stairs and the isolation typical of most landed enclaves.

J also found living in Watten Estate quite inconvenient, especially before the arrival of the Downtown Line station. Today, his HDB home in Queenstown is within walking distance of an MRT station, a food centre, 24-hour supermarkets, and a neighbourhood mall. He also mentioned that access to other neighbourhoods has been relatively hassle-free since he cycles.

While the HDB flat is noisier compared to his landed home, J doesn’t consider it too much of a drawback. He also noted that the HDB home he lives in fits him perfectly now, but he would have appreciated a larger space.

Lifestyle changes and connecting with the neighbourhood

J’s move to an HDB flat has required some lifestyle changes, like getting used to the noise levels and connecting with his new neighbourhood. But he also mentioned that he enjoys the convenience that HDB living offers.

Living in an HDB flat has also afforded J more opportunities to connect with his new community. He mentions the sense of camaraderie that comes with living in an HDB block where neighbours leave their shoes outside the door, and the sense of security that walking past other neighbours’ doors at all hours of the day affords.

Related Facts

– According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Singapore has plans to build more spacious public housing to cater to the evolving needs of Singaporean families.
– HDB flats in Singapore come in different sizes, ranging from one-room flats to five-room flats and executive flats.
– Depending on their location, HDB flats can also have easy access to amenities like malls, food centres, supermarkets, and MRT stations.

Key Takeaways

– Moving from a landed home to an HDB flat requires some adjustment, but it’s entirely doable.
– Living in an HDB flat can offer convenience and be more conducive to community building.
– Singapore has a range of public housing options available for citizens and PRs.


J’s experience of moving from a 9,000+ square feet landed home to an HDB flat offers a glimpse into the adjustments that one might have to make when downsizing. However, it also highlights the conveniences and unique aspects of living in an HDB flat. Ultimately, where we choose to reside is a matter of personal preference, and Singapore offers a range of housing options to cater to different needs.

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