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Transgender adults express concerns about finding inclusive living environments for their senior years

Transgender Adults: Worries about Finding Welcoming Spaces in Later Years


In a world where acceptance and inclusivity are supposedly progressing, transgender individuals continue to face numerous challenges. From workplace discrimination to health care restrictions, transgender people have constantly fought for their rights. Now, as new state laws limit transgender rights, uncertainty looms over their future, particularly in later years. With growing concerns about finding welcoming spaces to live, transgender adults fear discrimination and lack of proper care as they age.

The Struggles Faced by Transgender Seniors

Transgender seniors already face gaps in health care and nursing home facilities that are properly equipped to meet their needs. The limited availability of health care has further worsened due to recent restrictions on transgender health care access. Many adults in Florida have already been denied treatments, leading to worries that these laws may expand to other states. Moreover, discrimination in housing, misgendering, and denial of visitation rights plague the lives of transgender seniors. The fear of having to deny their identities and live in the closet increases as they consider retirement communities or assisted living centers.

The Need for Welcoming Spaces

In recent years, there has been some progress in creating services, such as nursing homes and assisted living centers, that cater specifically to the LGBTQ+ community. These facilities aim to provide a more welcoming environment for transgender individuals. For instance, Stonewall Gardens, an assisted living center in Palm Springs, California, ensures that their staff undergo sensitivity training to better understand and support the needs of transgender residents. This training plays a crucial role in creating a safe and accepting environment for them.

SAGE’s Efforts and the Long Road Ahead

SAGE, an organization that advocates for LGBTQ+ seniors, offers training to nursing homes and elder care providers to ensure appropriate and welcoming care. However, this initiative only reaches a fraction of the elder care facilities in the country. More efforts are needed to prepare these institutions to better cater to transgender elders. The lack of accessible and inclusive care is a growing concern, highlighted by the increasing number of calls received by SAGE’s hotline from transgender seniors in conservative parts of the country.

Related Facts

– According to the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, there are over 1.3 million transgender adults in the United States, with 171,000 of them aged 65 and older.
– Massachusetts and California have implemented laws to ensure equal access to aging programs and training for LGBTQ+ seniors.
– Transgender seniors have faced discrimination in various forms, including denial of housing, misgendering, and struggle to assert their visitation rights.

Key Takeaway

Transgender adults are facing significant difficulties when it comes to finding safe and welcoming spaces in their later years. From restricted health care access to discrimination in retirement communities, the vulnerabilities of transgender seniors have been brought to light by recent state laws. The need for comprehensive training and supportive environments in nursing homes and elder care facilities remains crucial for the well-being and happiness of transgender elders.


The struggles of transgender individuals extend beyond their younger years. As they age, concerns about finding accepting spaces become more prominent. Efforts to establish inclusive nursing homes and assisted living centers have made progress, but more needs to be done to bridge the gap in transgender health care and address discrimination. It is essential to provide transgender seniors with the support and respect they deserve, ensuring a fulfilling and dignified life as they navigate their later years.

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