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Transforming Soccer Scouting Through the Partnership of MLS and ai.io | MLSSoccer.com

MLS & ai.io Partnership: How Technology Can Transform Soccer Scouting

Major League Soccer has recently partnered with London-based technology company ai.io to create a valuable tool for talent identification and accessibility in soccer. This partnership comes as a new and unique way for MLS clubs to scout potential talent using an accessible, no-cost, and digital recruitment tool, aiScout, that uses artificial intelligence to assess a player’s physical, technical, and cognitive abilities. With this new partnership, players can upload their completed drills, which will allow them to receive feedback and improve their skills. Here’s how this collaboration can transform soccer scouting:

A Futuristic Approach to Soccer Scouting

MLS NEXT will be the first to benefit from the ai.io partnership, offering aspiring soccer players the chance to showcase their skills from their backyard or neighborhood park and be scouted by MLS. With the help of aiScout, MLS clubs can reach out to more potential talents. The tool is designed not to replace traditional scouting methods but to supplement them. Its technological approach aims to eliminate geographical hurdles and reach a wider range of young players. Partnering with ai.io shows MLS’s dedication to innovation and development, as the league sets its sights on becoming a significant international soccer hub.

Accessibility and Inclusivity in Soccer

Through this partnership, MLS clubs can identify and assess talent at no cost to the player. aiScout creates a digital portfolio for players, allowing them to market their skills to other potential clubs, addressing the issue of accessibility for young players and their families. This tool makes it possible for players who were not previously scouted due to geographical barriers to have the chance to showcase their talent. Moreover, it aims to make the sport of soccer more inclusive, particularly for marginalized and underprivileged communities in North America.

Revolutionizing Talent ID

The conversation between ai.io and Chelsea FC began when the founder’s son was let go from a London-based academy and left without a digital portfolio to quantify and market his skills. ai.io developed an AI-based platform, aiScout, that utilized three main pillars: physical, technical, and cognitive. Actualizing this innovative tool required collaborating with over 80 scouts, coaches, and sport science professionals. This partnership has revolutionized talent identification, allowing young players to demonstrate their abilities.

Related Facts

• aiScout assesses players based on three main pillars: physical, technical, and cognitive.
• Players will have three attempts to perfect their performance before the application assesses it.
• AI-generated feedback and customizable human analysis are both available to players.

Key Takeaway

With the MLS and ai.io partnership, the future of soccer scouting has arrived. Utilizing technology like AI and cloud-based storage, MLS teams can access a broader range of potential talent, making the sport more inclusive and accessible globally. This partnership aims to address issues, such as geographical barriers, and offers a new way for young players to showcase their skills and kickstart their soccer careers.


MLS’s partnership with ai.io represents an exciting and innovative approach to soccer scouting. This tool eliminates geographical barriers, making soccer more accessible and inclusive for potential talent. Through aiScout, young players have the opportunity to showcase their skills, receive feedback, and start their soccer careers. As perception and attitudes toward soccer continue to shift in the US and Canada, partnerships like this help shape the landscape of soccer development, moving the sport closer to its ultimate potential.

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