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Transforming a 20-year-old Condo in Tampines into a Cozy British-Inspired Home

A 20-year-old Tampines condo gets a British-inspired transformation into a cosy home

Peishan and James, a couple from Singapore and the UK, respectively, had a strong sentimental attachment to London that they wanted to bring into their 20-year-old condominium in Tampines. Their design ideas came from the eclectic textures, patterns, and colours of East London homes and Kit Kemp interiors, which are both bold and whimsical. The couple wanted their home to feel warm, cosy, and a sum of their experiences and artefacts that they have collected throughout the years.

The renovation journey cost about $67K, exceeding their $50K budget. While the couple kept the original layout the same, they upgraded the home’s functionality, such as the kitchen’s space and shelf storage for cookbooks, as the couple loves to cook. They also improved the home’s storage space with a built-in wardrobe in the master bedroom and a guest bedroom that doubles as a workspace.

One of the most eye-catching design elements is the wallpaper in the dining room, a popular design choice in the UK. The couple also integrated loose furniture pieces made mostly of wood, creating a warm and cosy feel that complements their plants. Two of the bathrooms have distinctive tiles that add a unique touch to the spaces.

Overall, the couple succeeded in bringing a touch of British design into their home while creating a cosy family sanctuary that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Related Facts:
– The couple’s affection for London inspired their eclectic design choices, including bold patterns, textures, and colours.
– The renovation costs exceeded their initial budget of $50K but were worth it for the improvements made in functionality, such as additional storage and shelf space in the kitchen.
– Wallpaper in the dining room and distinctive bathroom tiles are some of the home’s unique design elements.
– The couple kept the original layout the same, only improving elements to maximize the home’s functionality.

Key Takeaway:
A home renovation that is inspired by personal experiences, travels, and culture can add a unique touch to a home and create a warm and cosy atmosphere that complements personal interests. The functionality and storage of a home are just as important as the design elements, and it’s worth considering the desired outcomes when planning a renovation project.

Peishan and James’ Tampines condo’s renovation journey reflects their affection for the UK and their desire to create a warm and comfortable home while keeping its original layout. Their British-inspired design choices, combined with functional improvements, showcase how a personal touch can elevate a home’s design and feel.

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