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Tracking Gadget for Mothers to Receive Further Enhancements in the Pipeline

Improvements Are On The Way For A Tracking Gadget That Helps Mothers

Dahabo Adi Galgalo, a medical laboratory technologist-cum-epidemiologist from Marsabit County, is making headway with her innovative idea to create a GPS tracker that could revolutionize healthcare delivery in Kenya. Her hybrid GPS tracker is designed to help healthcare workers reach women living in remote areas of northern Kenya who are expecting a child. By using modern technology, the new tracker can help reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in the region.

The device helps health workers monitor the location of expectant mothers and facilitate quick medical assistance during emergency situations. The product is set to feature an “SOS” (Save Our Souls) component, which enables an emergency button for caregivers to call for ambulance evacuation if need be. Furthermore, the upgraded tracking device should allow health workers to set up several geofence areas on their mobile app to help them receive alerts when the expectant mothers move within and outside the geo-fenced regions.

Ms Galgalo believes that with the introduction of the upgraded GPS tracker, it will improve healthcare and the security, agriculture, and livestock sectors. It will also help people with medical conditions that affect memory loss, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Parkinson’s, dementia, and Tuberculosis to name a few.

According to Ms Galgalo’s study in Moyale Sub-county, 80 percent of the area’s pastoralists did not attend the prenatal or antenatal care clinic. Additionally, 40 percent of the mothers who had never visited an antenatal care clinic resulted in the loss of their babies during delivery. The device tracks the expectant mother wherever they are, ensures they attend their clinic appointments, and improves the overall healthcare delivery in the region.

Although Ms Galgalo’s device was conceptualized in 2017, there is still more work to be done before the upgraded GPS tracker becomes wholly operational. The product is in its second phase of development, and completion is expected in the third phase.

In conclusion, the innovative nature of Ms Galgalo’s idea cannot be overstated. When it becomes fully operational, it will enable healthcare workers to reach unreached population areas and make a considerable impact on the war against maternal and infant deaths. Therefore, we need to support our own and help these ideas come to fruition to solve the problems that affect our communities.

Related Facts:
– The maternal and infant mortality rate in northern Kenya is high.
– The lack of medical facilities and healthcare workers make it difficult to reach the unreached population areas.

Key Takeaways:
– The new GPS tracker can help reduce maternal and infant mortality rates.
– The device tracks the expectant mother’s location and ensures they attend their clinic appointments.
– The upgraded GPS tracker has features that enable it to be used in other sectors such as security, agriculture, and livestock.

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