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Top Technology Photos from Formula 1 2023

Opinion: The Best Tech Images So Far from Formula 1 2023

After the cancellation of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, we have an unexpected break in the Formula 1 calendar. But this gives us a chance to reflect on some of the exciting and interesting technical developments spotted in the first five races of the season.

Thanks to Giorgio Piola and Sutton Images, we have some excellent images of the best technical detailing seen on the cars this year. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Alfa Romeo Applies Solution Pioneered by Mercedes

Alfa Romeo came up with a solution in Bahrain that Mercedes pioneered in 2022, with the team aiming to improve the flow structures at the front of the car and enhance performance downstream. Mercedes had introduced the wide-body chassis blister solution as part of a larger package of updates in the British Grand Prix, which helped the team unlock some of the potential in the W13. Alfa Romeo used this solution in Bahrain to refine and improve the flow structures.

Sculpting of the Lower Section of the Rear Wing Endplate

The Alpine A523 features an interesting detail in the sculpting of the lower section of the rear wing endplate. The racing regulations in this area of the endplate prohibit certain types of aerodynamic details, but Alpine incorporated a swage line instead. This small feature provides an uplift in performance compared to the usual contours.

Modifications to the Rear Wing

Aston Martin and Mercedes made modifications to their rear wings to suit the unique demands of the street track in Saudi Arabia. Aston Martin trimmed the central section of the flap’s trailing edge, while Mercedes altered the upper rear corner of the endplate by using a panel infill instead of a cutout. The design of the endplate allows the team to use interchangeable panels, and the tip section of the endplate is trimmed to alter the wing’s behavior.

View of the Red Bull RB19’s Rear End

A fascinating technical detail on the Red Bull RB19 is the rear end, which has yet to be attached to the chassis. We can see some of the inboard suspension elements, the rear wing support pillar’s cage, and the passage where the exhaust takes place beneath the suspension elements.

Changes in Alfa Romeo’s DRS Pod

Alfa Romeo’s DRS pod was modified for the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix by using a smaller conduit for the mechanism that sat on the top rear part of the pod. The flap pivots were also changed from a teardrop-shaped solution to a more conventional barrel-type solution.

Radiator and Cooler Layout on the AlphaTauri AT04

The AlphaTauri AT04 employs a large saddle cooler that allows the team to optimize the internal layout of the sidepods. This design has been customary for many years.

Front Brake Assembly on the Red Bull RB19

As the Red Bull RB19 is prepared for action, we are treated to a view of the front brake assembly at different stages of the build. We can see the brake caliper fairing installed on the left-hand side of the car while it is naked on the right. There are small cooling tube fins on the exposed caliper, along with larger central vents used to allow heat rejected by the brake disc to pass through the caliper.

Similarity in Williams FW45’s Front Brake Assembly

The Williams FW45’s front brake assembly, now with the fairings in place that wrap around the caliper and disc, is very similar to the design used by Red Bull in 2022.

Ferrari’s Unique Caliper

Ferrari’s caliper is distinct, with its angular shape and unique appearance that stands out from other teams’ calipers.

The racing season is only halfway through, and we can expect to see more technical developments as teams strive to improve their performance on the track. We will have to wait to see the upgrades intended for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, but we can look forward to them with excitement.

Related Facts:

– The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix has been canceled in the 2023 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
– The first five races of the season were held in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Spain.
– Mercedes’ wide-body chassis blister solution introduced in the 2022 British Grand Prix helped them unlock some of the potential in the W13.
– The radiator and cooler placement on the AlphaTauri AT04 have been the same for years.
– Williams FW45’s front brake assembly and fairing are similar to Red Bull’s design in 2022.

Key Takeaway:

Formula 1 technology is constantly evolving, with teams looking for every possible advantage. From sculpting the lower section of the rear wing endplate to modifying the rear wing and introducing new front brake assembly designs, teams are looking to gain an edge on the competition. These design improvements are fascinating to see and showcase the innovation that goes into designing an F1 car.


The best tech images so far from the 2023 Formula 1 season reveal the fascinating and intricate details of the cars’ design that many viewers may not have noticed. Teams are continuously looking for ways to improve performance, making each race an exciting showcase of technological advancements. With the season only halfway through, we can expect more innovation and design changes as teams strive for success on the racetrack.

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