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Top Tech Devices for Your Next Hiking Adventure

Hiking is a great way to disconnect from technology and enjoy nature, but there’s no denying that modern tech can make your backcountry hikes more enjoyable, safer, and comfortable. From GPS devices, lighting gadgets, and water purifiers to solar chargers and mosquito repellents, there’s a wealth of best gadgets to pack for an outdoor adventure.

One such gadget for quick and efficient fire building is the Extremus Blaze 360 Flex Electric Lighter. It comes with a flexible neck that allows you to adjust the beam’s direction, making it useful for lighting up piles of kindling while staying at a safe distance.

Mosquitoes can be a massive nuisance in the great outdoors, but with the ThermaCell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller, you can create a 15-foot invisible zone of protection from pesky bugs that don’t require you to rub or spray insecticide all over your skin. Though it requires fuel cartridges and repellent mats, the lack of chemical odors and its effectiveness make it a worthwhile gadget.

A headlamp is essential for any hiker venturing out after sundown, and the Petzl Actik Core Headlamp is the perfect solution. It provides ultra-bright 600 lumens at full power with a 50:50 brightness-to-burn-time ratio that allows it to retain 50 percent brightness halfway through the burn time, and it comes with various beam patterns and brightness levels.

The GoalZero Nomad 5 + Flip 12 Solar Kit packs a punch with its 3,350mAh power bank and small 6V solar panel that can continuously feed power to the battery. It’s the perfect gadget for charging your devices on the go, keeping them all ready when needed.

For hikers that don’t want to gulp down untreated water, the Grayl GeoPress 24oz Water Purifier Bottle is an excellent gadget to carry. It filters water as soon as you store it and removes all waterborne pathogens, particulates, contaminants, and unpleasant flavors and odors. You can even mix electrolytes and sports drinks mix in for a refreshment boost.

Somewear Global Hotspot may not be as popular as Garmin’s satellite messengers, but it works well to keep you connected when there’s no cell signal. It hops on the Iridium satellite network and allows two-way messaging, location sharing, and on-demand weather reporting to stay in touch with the world at large.

In conclusion, bringing these tech gadgets on hikes can make outdoor adventures more enjoyable, safer, and comfortable. From the Extremus Blaze 360 Flex Electric Lighter to the Somewear Global Hotspot, these gadgets are worth every penny.

Related Facts:
– Hiking gadgets must be lightweight and safe to carry.
– Investing in quality hiking gadgets can result in a successful outdoor trip.
– The rise of technology has led to a whole range of hiking gadgets to choose from.

Key Takeaway:
Hiking is a great way to disconnect from technology but bringing useful gadgets can make the experience better, safer, and more comfortable. From electric lighters to mosquito repellents and water purifiers, these gadgets have made a positive impact on the outdoor experience.

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– Hiking gadgets are a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts
– The Extremus Blaze 360 Flex Electric Lighter; the gadget for quick and efficient fire building
– The ThermaCell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller; the gadget that keeps pesky bugs at bay without the use of insecticides
– The Petzl Actik Core Headlamp; the gadget that illuminates dark trails
– The GoalZero Nomad 5 + Flip 12 Solar Kit; the gadget that ensures power availability for all your hiking devices
– The Grayl GeoPress 24oz Water Purifier Bottle; the gadget that helps you access clean drinking water
– Somewear Global Hotspot; the gadget that allows communication when off-the-grid.

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