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Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs Share the Best Advice Their Mothers Gave Them

As Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, it’s worth noting that the best advice that entrepreneurs receive often comes from their mothers. These women believe in their children and encourage them to take risks and pursue their dreams. Here, we look at priceless business advice given by mothers to their successful daughters.

Michelle Mokone, co-founder of Mo’s Crib, believes that her mother’s advice–that she can conquer all things–pushed her to persevere even when facing challenges as an entrepreneur and a mother. For Katina Mountanos, founder and CEO of Kosterina, her mother’s career as an airline employee enabled her to travel to her family’s olive farms in Greece, where she discovered high-quality olive oil. This led to her founding Kosterina, a wellness brand based on Mediterranean ingredients, and developing a Greek extra-virgin olive oil for the American market.

Margaret Wishingrad, co-founder and CEO of Three Wishes, recalls her mother’s advice to tend to her own garden by investing passion and care in the things she wanted to grow, which mirrors Three Wishes, a wholesome cereal made with high-quality ingredients that aims to appeal to children and adults. Cristina Ros Blankfein, co-founder and co-CEO of Swoon, learned from her mother to never think that she was above any task and to respect everyone involved in the company. And for Ariel Kaye, the founder of Parachute, the most significant advice her mother gave her was to trust her instincts and focus on what is right for her business and family.

Related Facts:

– Interestingly, research suggests that a mother’s support can have a profound impact on her child’s career orientation and entrepreneurial motivation, with daughters more influenced by their mothers’ entrepreneurial behavior than sons.

– A recent survey by the global job site Indeed found that one in three mothers who participated in it encourages their children to become entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaway:

The advice these successful female entrepreneurs received from their mothers highlights the importance of an unwavering belief in oneself and trusting one’s instincts. Their mothers instilled critical values such as care, passion, and respect that helped shape their success. These are a reminder that the simple yet valuable wisdom of mothers can indeed impact the trajectory of their children’s lives.


The best business advice often comes from those who know us best and whom we trust the most, our mothers. Their support and encouragement can provide the foundation for success. From empowering us to pursue our dreams to tending our own garden with passion and care, the lessons our mothers teach us go beyond the business realm and shape who we are. This Mother’s Day, let us take a moment to honor the invaluable guidance and lessons imparted by our mothers.

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