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Thomas Cashman, the Killer of Olivia and His Alleged ‘Gangster’s Moll’: A Peek into Their Lifestyle

Lifestyle of Olivia’s killer Thomas Cashman and his ‘gangster’s moll’

The recent murder case of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel has shaken the entire nation, and the revelation of the lavish lifestyle of her killer, Thomas Cashman, has left many stunned. Cashman, a high-level drug dealer, earned a whopping £250,000 annually and spent it on cars, bikes, skiing holidays, and a luxurious house on an upmarket development. His girlfriend, Kayleeanne Sweeney, who drove a £33,000 Land Rover Discovery Sport, ran a local beauty salon, boasting flash cars, designer clothing, and sunglasses.

The Trial and the Show of Loyalty

During the trial, Kayleeanne Sweeney appeared in court every day, wearing designer clothing and sporting a show of loyalty to her partner. But as the prosecutor narrated about Cashman’s willingness to use a gun anywhere on anyone with no regard for the consequences, she betrayed no signs of emotion.

Cashman’s Source of Wealth

When asked about his girlfriend’s knowledge of his wealth, Cashman replied that she never asked him, and he never told her. He admitted that she would have had suspicions about his drug-dealing activities. Cashman’s income, seven times the average salary in his area, came from dealing drugs, earning up to £5,000 a week selling ‘kilos’ of cannabis to his contacts. He got his cannabis from organised criminal gangs that grew it in houses for up to £60,000 a crop.

Cashman’s Rise to Wealth

A meat porter’s son, Cashman grew up on a council house terrace, 15 minutes from Olivia’s house. After leaving school aged 13 or 14, he delivered newspapers and washed cars before landing a job at fairgrounds in Wales. He started smoking cannabis daily at the age of 16 or 17, making selling it a natural progression. Eventually, he became an enforcer alongside people doing cannabis grows.

The Downfall

Cashman’s downfall resulted from his decision to cheat on his girlfriend and have a fling, leading to being reported by the woman to the police, who provided information about his role in the killing. His attempt to project himself as a family man during the trial was received with irony.

Related Facts

  • Drug dealing is a dangerous and illegal trade that inevitably leads to violence, as seen in the murder case of Olivia Pratt-Korbel.
  • Drug dealers are willing to go to any extent, even using guns to protect their business and territory, leading to fatal and senseless consequences.
  • Drug dealing fuels organised criminal gangs, which are a significant threat to society and carry out various illegal activities.

Key Takeaway

The case of Olivia Pratt-Korbel’s murder showcases the dark side of drug trade and its impact on society, leading to violence, death, and destruction. Cashman’s rise to wealth through criminal activities provides a valuable lesson on the consequences of choosing the wrong path and engaging with illegal acts.


The lifestyle of Olivia’s killer Thomas Cashman and his ‘gangster’s moll’ highlights the decadence and excesses of those who profit from illegal and dangerous activities. The case should serve as a warning about the dangers of drug trade and the need to eradicate organised criminal gangs from society to create a safer, more peaceful world.

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