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Thelma, Help! My Husband is a Freeloader, What Should I Do?

Dear Thelma, What Shall I Do With My Freeloader Husband?

Marriage is a partnership built on trust, love, and respect. But what happens when one partner takes advantage of the other and refuses to contribute to the relationship? That seems to be the case with Woman in a Dilemma and her freeloader husband.

The Coercion Tactic

Threatening suicide is a selfish and cruel tactic that should not be taken lightly. Woman in a Dilemma’s husband has been using this method to control her and make her feel guilty for wanting a decent life. He is emotionally manipulating her and taking advantage of her love and kindness.

Coercion is a form of abuse and is never acceptable in any relationship. It is vital to seek help if you are experiencing any form of coercion to avoid falling into the trap of being trapped in a toxic relationship.

Communication is Key, but…

Communication is often the first step to resolve issues within a marriage. But in this case, Woman in a Dilemma’s husband is not interested in communicating. He becomes aggressive, threatening, and defensive when confronted. It seems he only wants to talk on his terms, which is not a healthy way to maintain a relationship.

Talking is vital, but if one partner is not willing or able, then other measures must be taken to save the relationship or to protect oneself.

Related Facts

  • Coercion is the use of manipulation, threats, or force to persuade someone to do something.
  • Coercion is a form of emotional abuse and can be legally used as grounds for the dissolution of a marriage.
  • If you are experiencing coercion, it is important to seek help from a professional.

Key Takeaway

No one should feel trapped or powerless in a relationship. If you are experiencing coercion or any form of abuse, seek help. There are support groups and professionals ready to assist you. Do not suffer in silence.


Woman in a Dilemma has been carrying the burden of her husband’s laziness and irresponsibility for too long. She has tried to communicate and support him, but he refuses to contribute to the relationship positively.

Their marriage seems to have reached a critical point where drastic measures may have to be taken to save the relationship or save her sanity. Using suicide threats to manipulate your partner is never acceptable and should not be tolerated.

It is important to seek help and guidance when you are experiencing any form of emotional abuse. You are not alone, and there is always a way out. Take that first step today and regain control of your life and your relationships.

Denk Liu
Denk Liu
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