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The White House collaborates with hackers to address AI bias.

Opinionated Article: AI is biased. The White House is working with hackers to try to fix that


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives. From voice assistants like Siri to photo recognition software, AI is embedded in many of the technologies we rely on. However, recent incidents have highlighted the inherent biases within AI systems. Google Photos labeling photos of Black people as gorillas and Siri’s inability to provide information on sexual assault are glaring examples of how AI can perpetuate discrimination.

Recognizing the significance of addressing these biases, the White House has taken a proactive approach by encouraging top tech companies to have their models tested by independent hackers. This move aims to uncover and rectify the inaccuracies and biases within AI technology. The annual Def Con hacking convention in Las Vegas served as the platform for this groundbreaking initiative.

Bias and discrimination have always existed in AI

The challenges associated with bias in AI are not new. In 2015, Google received backlash when its AI algorithm labeled photos of Black people as gorillas. Apple’s Siri also faced criticism for its inability to provide information on sexual assault. These incidents shed light on the lack of diversity in both the datasets used to train AI systems and the teams developing these technologies. The underrepresentation of diverse perspectives could lead to biased outcomes.

The White House emphasizes the importance of red-teaming

To tackle the biases in AI, the White House believes that red-teaming is an essential part of the solution. Red-teaming refers to the process of testing technology to uncover and address inaccuracies and biases. Traditionally, this process was conducted internally at tech companies. However, as AI technology becomes more widespread, the White House has encouraged top tech companies like Google and OpenAI to involve independent hackers in the red-teaming process.

The recent Def Con event served as a platform for this collaboration. Participants, including hackers from diverse backgrounds, were invited to test AI models for biases. The organizers of the event made efforts to include individuals from marginalized communities, partnering with community colleges and organizations like Black Tech Street. The diverse perspectives brought by these participants have the potential to provide invaluable insights into addressing AI biases.

Related Facts

– The largest-ever public red-teaming challenge took place during Def Con, where hundreds of hackers tested AI models for bias.
– The founder and CEO of CLLCTVE, Kelsey Davis, was elated when she encountered blatant racism in the AI model she was testing. This reaction showcased the importance of uncovering bias in AI.
– Generative AI programs like ChatGPT have made headlines recently, but bias has always existed in various forms of AI.
– The lack of diversity in both the data used to train AI and the teams developing these technologies contributes to biased outcomes.
– Red-teaming AI models by involving independent hackers can help identify and rectify biases, ultimately leading to more equitable and inclusive technology.

Key Takeaway

The involvement of independent hackers in red-teaming AI models is a significant step towards addressing biases and discrimination within AI. By offering diverse perspectives and uncovering biases, these hackers contribute to creating technology that is more equitable and inclusive. The White House’s endorsement of this approach emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and rectifying biases in AI systems.


The prevalence of biases and discrimination within AI systems necessitates urgent action. The collaboration between the White House, independent hackers, and tech companies at the Def Con event highlights the collective effort to identify and rectify biases within AI models. By red-teaming AI technology, we can engineer products that do not perpetuate stereotypes or discriminate against specific groups. With continued commitment to diversity and inclusivity, AI has the potential to empower and serve all individuals, irrespective of race or gender.

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