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The Top 20 Love-Driven Money Mishaps to Avoid

20 Worst Money Mistakes People Make in the Name of Love

It’s often said that love doesn’t cost a thing, but the truth is, many relationships fall apart due to money mistakes. Mismanaging finances can lead to secrecy, poor communication and conflicting priorities that can strain even the strongest of relationships. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common money mistakes couples make and how they can affect your relationship.

Keeping Money a Secret

One of the most significant mistakes couples make is keeping money secrets from each other. It’s essential to be honest about finances, just as it is to be open about the intimate aspects of your life together. According to Neale Godfrey, a New York Times Best-Selling author, couples need to discuss their assets, debts, income, and expenses and set their goals together. Avoiding money talks can result in power dynamics shifting in relationships.

Income Shaming

Money can be a sensitive topic, especially when one partner makes significantly more than the other. Rachel Cruze, a money expert, advises that it’s never ok for the higher earner to hold the wage gap over the lower earner’s head. Remember, you’re a team, and you’re both working towards the same goal. There’s no reason to hold the income gap over someone’s head. Start acting like a team.

Leaving Financial Responsibilities to Just One Partner

Money management takes effort from both partners. Leaving everything to one partner can create an imbalance of power in the relationship. Both partners need to be aware of the inflows and outflows of money, even if one partner hates paying bills.

Concealing Your ‘Financial Personality’

People come into their relationships as either savers or spenders. Being transparent and accepting each other’s financial differences can help avoid arguments and resentment. It’s essential to share your financial personality and how you developed it. Your upbringing had a significant role in your attitude towards money.

Avoiding the Prenup Talk

The discussion of prenuptial agreements can be uncomfortable. However, talking about prenups can bring transparency to the marriage. It sets the stage for estate planning and protects your assets, establishing what is communal and what is marital. It’s vital to have the prenup discussion to avoid disputes and problems in the future.

Being (Financially) Unfaithful

Hidden credit cards or bank accounts might not be as immediately destructive as a physical affair, but financial unfaithfulness can rise to the same level of deceit. It’s essential to have transparency in your finances and to avoid being sneaky when it comes to money.

Insisting on Only Using Separate Accounts

Joint bank accounts can be challenging for couples with different spending habits or financial backgrounds, but maintaining separate accounts can create more financial problems in the marriage. It’s better to have a joint account for paying bills and necessities, then divide the remaining disposable income.

Neglecting Previous Obligations

In second marriages, people might forget or neglect previous financial obligations such as alimony or child support. It’s vital to discuss any existing financial responsibilities with your partner to avoid legal or financial problems in the future.

Related Facts

  • According to a SunTrust Bank survey, finances were the leading cause of relationships ending, with 35% of respondents claiming money was the reason for the split.
  • The same survey found that 25% of respondents hide a purchase from their partner, and 22% of people continue making a purchase their partner disapproves of.
  • A study conducted by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia found that couples who fail to discuss their debt and finances before marriage are more likely to divorce.

Key Takeaway

Money mistakes can lead to various problems in relationships, from secrecy and dishonesty to power imbalances and resentment. It’s essential to maintain open communication about finances and work together as a team towards common financial goals.


Love might not cost a thing, but money matters when it comes to relationships. By avoiding common money mistakes, couples can lead happy and financially stable lives together. It’s essential to maintain transparency, be proactive about money management, and work together towards financial goals. Couples who can communicate openly and honestly about their finances are more likely to build strong and lasting relationships.

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