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The Tech Careers Most Endangered by ChatGPT and A.I.

Opinion: These Are the Tech Jobs Most Threatened by ChatGPT and A.I.

The fear of losing jobs to automation and A.I. has been around for years. And with the recent launch of ChatGPT, an advanced AI chatbot, tech industry workers are worried that their jobs are on the line. But instead of panicking, we should embrace the benefits that artificial intelligence and ChatGPT can bring to the workplace. In this article, we’ll explore which tech jobs are most threatened by generative AI and explain why it’s not all doom and gloom.

The Rise of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a type of GPT (generative pretrained transformer) tool that uses learning models to generate human-like responses. The technology is already making its way into the workplace, leading many workers to fear that they will be replaced. However, the reality is that generative AI will help people and companies work more efficiently.

Jobs That Will Not Be Completely Eradicated

In the tech industry, specific jobs stand to be impacted more than others. Creatives like designers, video game creators, photographers, and those who create digital images are less likely to lose their jobs because ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies will help them create more and do their jobs quicker. If a company can create more games, for example, then this technology will just increase the number of games that can get made.

The Impact on Engineers and Developers

Many software developers and engineers fear that ChatGPT will completely eliminate their jobs. However, this is not entirely true. Engineers and developers will still hold jobs; their tasks and responsibilities could likely be diminished by generative AI. Specifically, GPT can generate code in a matter of seconds, giving software users and customers exactly what they need without the back and forth of relaying needs, adaptations, and fixes to the development team. GPT can do the job of a coder or tester instantly, rather than the days or weeks it may take a human to generate the same thing.

The broader set of tasks, generative AI could mimic what an engineer would do through the development cycle. In this scenario, generative AI can more broadly impact software engineers, and specifically, development and operations (devops) engineers, from the development of code to deployment, conducting maintenance, and making updates in software development.

Related Facts

• This year, the tech industry has cut 5% more jobs than it did in all of 2022, according to Challenger, Gray, and Christmas.

• A recent Goldman Sachs report found that 300 million jobs around the world stand to be impacted by AI and automation.

Key Takeaway

While it’s reasonable to feel nervous about ChatGPT and AI technologies’ impact on the job market, remember that these technologies will make employees’ work more manageable, efficient and will not completely replace their jobs. Moreover, such technologies require skillful hands, and those with those skills will surely survive. Focusing on developing these innovative AI skills will be essential for workers that want to avoid being impacted negatively.

In conclusion, there are jobs in the tech industry that are likely to be impacted by ChatGPT and generative AI, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that the influence will mostly be on the work processes and not complete job loss. So, it’s high time we shift our focus to producing the right kind of AI workforce and start embracing the AI-driven present and future.

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