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The Motley Fool: Insights on Financial Responsibility from Our Mothers

Money Lessons From Our Moms | The Motley Fool

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, some of the Motley Fool employees share the valuable lessons they learned about money management from their moms. In this article, we will also analyze Disney’s recent earnings and discuss the fate of Hulu.

Disney’s Shares Fall After Disappointing Earnings Report

Disney reported lackluster earnings for the second quarter, and its shares fell by 8%. Although the theme park part of the business was strong, the streaming business lost four million subscribers. Additionally, the direct consumer operating losses for the quarter fell by 659 million, down from 887 million in losses last year. The domestic contribution from Disney+ for this quarter was down 1%, which is not good news for the company.

However, ESPN+ saw an increase of 2%, but Disney+ needs help to improve its business model. The Disney Bundle seems to work better than Disney+ alone, and more Hulu originals may find their way into Disney+. One issue with Disney+ is that it relies more on historical content. It needs more fresh programming injected into its direct-to-consumer efforts to keep subscribers interested in the long run.

The Fate of Hulu

Hulu’s future is uncertain as there is still a question of whether Comcast will sell its stake in the company to Disney or not. Although Comcast and Disney talk about the virtues of Hulu, they are also considering selling it. Ideally, Disney should acquire Hulu to inject new content to its direct-to-consumer offerings.

Money Lessons Learned from Moms

Jim Mueller’s mom taught him to live below his means, save for rainy days, and invest regularly. Anand Chokkavelu’s mom advised him not to waste money on things that depreciate and to think long-term when investing. Jim Gillies’ mom encouraged him to start working early, manage his money well, and never stop learning. Lysha Fuentes’ mom taught her the importance of being financially independent and not relying solely on a partner for financial security.

Related Facts

Disney’s direct-to-consumer operating losses for the quarter were $659 million.
Disney+ lost four million subscribers in the latest quarter.
The domestic contribution from Disney+ for this quarter was down by 1%.

Key Takeaway

Financial education is crucial, and it’s never too early or late to learn about it. The money lessons taught by our moms may sound clichéd, but they are effective and timeless. Investing, saving regularly, managing money efficiently, thinking long-term, and being financially independent are some of the valuable advice we can learn from our moms.


Disney’s earnings report and Hulu’s uncertain fate will have a significant impact on the streaming industry. On the other hand, the money lessons taught by our moms are priceless, and we should appreciate and apply them in our daily lives.

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Denk Liu
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