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The items that bring bad luck to your home according to Feng Shui consultants

Feng Shui Consultants Say These Are the Unluckiest Items to Have in Your Home

Feng Shui has been a staple in Chinese culture for centuries, and its popularity has been on the rise in recent years. People turn to Feng Shui to improve the energy flow in their homes and enhance their luck in life. However, unknowingly, some people might have certain items at home that are counteracting the positive steps they have taken to improve the flow of energy. Feng Shui consultants have been warning against the following six unlucky items that we often leave around our interiors.

Dried and Dead Plants

Houseplants have been praised for adding natural beauty to a home and improving air quality. However, not all plants are great for Feng Shui. Joy Tan, a Feng Shui consultant, believes that dried or dead plants represent stagnation and a lack of growth. Therefore, it’s best to replace them with fresh and vibrant plants that promote vitality and positive energy.


Cacti are known for their resilience and low maintenance, but they may not be the best choice for good Feng Shui. Michelle Justice, a spiritualist, and CEO of NatureSound Retreat, warns that sharp objects can create aggressive energy known as sha chi, which can attract negative energy. Instead of the cactus, rounded-leaf plants can bring a sense of calmness and peace to your space.

Broken Objects

Broken items in your home, whether chipped dishes or a torn couch, attract negative energy and symbolize decay, instability, or lack of care. Dr. Jenelle Kim, a Feng Shui consultant, suggests replacing or repairing them to restore a sense of harmony and positivity in your space.

Stagnant Water and Fish Tanks

Stagnant water in indoor fountains or fish tanks can also attract negative energy to your home. Feng Shui consultant Joy Tan recommends keeping water features well-maintained, clean, and flowing during the spring and summer seasons.

Mirrors in Bedrooms

Mirrors in the bedroom can create a disruptive energy flow and disturb the quality of your sleep. Therefore, it’s best to avoid placing mirrors facing the bed or opposite to the entrance. If you must have a mirror, make sure it covers the body only or is tucked away in a closet.


Lastly, clutter is a significant hindrance to good Feng Shui. It disrupts the flow of energy, creates a sense of overwhelm, and represents stagnation. Get rid of anything you no longer need, organize your belongings, and maintain a tidy space to promote positive energy flow.

Related Facts

– Feng Shui is focused on harmonizing one’s surroundings to promote good luck and health.
– One of the most crucial elements of Feng Shui is the Bagua map, which shows how different areas in the home relate to different aspects of life.
– Feng Shui can vary depending on the individuals’ birth date, gender, and other factors.
– Feng Shui can be applied to any space, including your work desk, car, or garden.

Key Takeaway

Feng Shui is all about creating a harmonious living space that promotes positive energy flow. It is essential to be mindful of the items you keep in your home as they may affect your luck. To enhance your home’s Feng Shui, avoid broken items, clutter, and stagnant water, and opt for fresh plants, rounded-leaf plants, and tidy spaces. Finally, be sure to check the Feng Shui position of everything in your home.

In conclusion, by getting rid of the aforementioned ‘unluckiest’ items and keeping your space tidy, you will promote the flow of positive energy in your home. Feng Shui is a holistic approach to creating a serene living space, and it can be remarkably effective if done right.

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