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The Exquisite Lifestyle of Music Heiress Sara Foster

Inside Music Heiress Sara Foster’s VERY Lavish Life

Sara Foster, a 42-year-old actress, model, and businesswoman, recently made headlines after branding San Francisco as a ‘s**thole’ in a scathing post against ‘liberal politicians’ who ‘are ruining’ the city following tech mogul Bob Lee’s death earlier this week. The irony of the statement comes from the fact that she hails from one of the richest families on the globe.

Sara is the daughter of legendary artist and music mogul David Foster, who has a net worth of $150 million and has helped produce albums for some of the most prominent artists of all time. While Sara flaunts her luxurious lifestyle online, she has continuously insisted that she never got special treatment due to her famous father. She even resented her father’s immense wealth as a kid, believing that it created a misconception that she was ‘a spoiled brat.’

Despite her claims, Sara’s life is not as relatable as she may think. From growing up a millionaire to her own booming career in the spotlight, let’s take a closer look inside Sara’s rise to fame.

Growing up a millionaire

While David has a significant net worth and immense power in the music industry, Sara insisted that she didn’t grow up with as lavish a lifestyle as one would expect. David has been married five times and has six children, including Sara. Born in 1981, Sara came from his second marriage to former model Rebecca Dyer.

During an appearance on Kate Judson’s podcast Sibling Revelry in 2019, Sara explained that she and her two full-sisters, Erin and Jordan, went to live with their mom after her parents split when she was five. Sara confessed that growing up with a millionaire father created a misconception that she was a ‘spoiled brat,’ which she resented as a kid.

Despite her claims of an average upbringing, Sara often sees jetting off on glamorous vacations, hanging out with her famous friends, and tanning by her pool at her sprawling home in Los Angeles.

Entrepreneurial success

Despite growing up in the shadow of her famous father, Sara has had a successful career of her own. She is best known for acting in 90210 and creating the mock reality series Barely Famous with her sister Erin.

However, Sara’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t end there. In 2020, she and Erin launched their own clothing line, with pieces costing upwards of $1,000. While the sisters vowed to make the clothes ‘accessible’ to everyone, they also claimed that they ‘weren’t raised that way.’

Lavish lifestyle

While Sara may claim that her life is not as lavish as it appears, her social media accounts tell a different story. From expensive vacations to designer outfits, she often flaunts her luxurious lifestyle for her followers to see.

It’s clear that Sara’s fame and fortune have granted her a life far above what the average person can afford.

Related Facts:

– Sara is the granddaughter of wealthy businessman Maurice Foster, who cofounded MCA Inc., one of the world’s leading entertainment companies.

– Despite her claims of an average upbringing, Sara attended private schools growing up, including the prestigious Harvard-Westlake school in Los Angeles.

– Sara married businessman Tommy Haas in 2010 and has two daughters with him.

Key Takeaway:

Sara Foster, daughter of legendary music mogul David Foster, may claim that she never got special treatment due to her famous father and had an average upbringing. However, her luxurious lifestyle and expensive endeavors suggest otherwise.


Sara Foster’s rise to fame and fortune is a testament to the opportunities that come with being born into a wealthy family. While she may claim to be an ‘outsider’ in Hollywood, her life of luxury tells a different story.

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