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The Delhi Home of Artist Manu Parekh

Manu Parekh, the Artist in His Delhi Home


Manu Parekh, an 83-year-old Padma Shri awardee, is a prolific artist who has spent decades contributing to the arts scene in India. From his humble home in Chittaranjan Park, Delhi, Parekh talks about his life as an artist and the people who have influenced him along the way.

Ruled by Commitment and Productivity

For Parekh, productivity and commitment are essential elements of a long-term art career. From his early years, Parekh was not granted opportunities to study abroad, like many other artists. Instead, he spent a decade in Kolkata, where he became an artist as a result of becoming a part of the Bengali intelligentsia. He points to his relationships with senior Bengali artists as influential in his artistic development.

Parekh’s dedication to his career is also reflected in his daily painting regimen, which he credits to maintaining his longevity in the arts. He emphasizes that being engaged with the craft every day, no matter the medium, has made a significant impact on his work.

Comrades in Art

Parekh speaks highly of other artists, both for their technical skills and their innovative approaches to the craft. He admires Rabindranath Tagore for his originality and authentically Indian style. Parekh also commends the reckless style of F.N. Souza and the complex and multi-dimensional works of Bhupen Khakhar. However, Parekh also highlights his admiration for his wife’s sweet yet profound artistic works.

The artist credits his relationship with other artists for his growth in the arts. He speaks about how interacting with other artists has expanded his understanding of techniques, processes, and mediums. Parekh is a firm believer that understanding someone else’s art can broaden an artist’s viewpoints, approaches, and styles – making them better artists.

An Art Collection of Lessons and Inspiration

Mixed among Parekh’s own works on his home’s walls are paintings by his wife, Madhvi Parekh, Ashok Ahuja, and Bhupen Khakhar. Each piece offers lessons and sources of inspiration, inspiring him to keep painting daily. Parekh explains, “It’s a way of respecting the work of others and serve as signals of growth so that one may improve their own”.

Related Facts

– Parekh spent a decade in Kolkata, where he became an artist thanks to the city’s arts and crafts scene.
– Parekh’s wife Madhvi Parekh is also an acclaimed artist whose style reflects her own profoundness.
– Parekh credits his relationship with other artists for expanding his understanding of techniques, processes, and mediums.

Key Takeaway

Manu Parekh, an artist who has spent decades contributing to the art scene in India, emphasizes the value of productivity and commitment to an art career. He credits his relationship with other artists for the growth of his artistic talents. Parekh demonstrates a deep respect for other artists’ work, and whether they are his friends or famous artists, by having their works on his walls.


Manu Parekh has left an indelible mark on Indian art that is the product of his dedication and work ethics. His art captures and reflects Indian culture, society, and life. Parekh’s willingness to learn from others, respect their work, and see the strengths in their art allows him to continue to grow as an artist. Parekh is an example of how productivity and commitment can positively impact a long-term art career.

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