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The Attraction of Alternative International Schools for Education Relocation


In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of families choosing to relocate to new countries in pursuit of alternative international schools. These families, often with corporate backgrounds or entrepreneurial work-from-anywhere roles, are rejecting traditional schools as unfit for their lifestyle. The pandemic further highlighted the shortcomings of traditional schooling, leading more parents to seek out progressive educational models.

**The Desire for Progressive Education**

Many families are now prioritizing alternative approaches to schooling that prioritize sustainability and mental wellbeing. Traditional schooling methods are seen as outdated and slow to adapt to the rapid development of artificial intelligence. As a result, families are seeking educational models that focus on holistic, creative, and experiential learning.

**Unschooling and Self-Directed Learning**

One popular movement within progressive education is unschooling, which allows children to direct their own learning rather than following a set curriculum. This approach recognizes that children learn and express themselves in different ways, and there is no one-size-fits-all style of education that suits every child.

**The Green School in Bali**

The Green School in Bali is a prime example of a progressive international school. With a focus on practical, independent learning and the environment, the school allows children to pursue their own interests. The Green School has gained popularity since its establishment in 2008, attracting students from 48 nationalities and offering a more affordable alternative to independent schools in cities like London or New York.

**Criticism and Controversy**

Despite its popularity and success, the Green School has faced criticism for becoming a “rich hippy heaven.” The high fees and exclusive nature of the school have led to concerns that it is inaccessible to locals. However, the school does provide scholarships to select local scholars who align with its sustainable ethos.

**Education Relocation and Lifestyle Changes**

For families who choose to relocate for alternative international schools, the move often entails significant lifestyle changes. These families may become more immersed in local life, with parents taking up activities such as winemaking or olive oil farming. The influx of families into a village or community can also have an impact on property prices in the area.

**Related Facts**

1. Alternative international schools are on the rise, with more families seeking out progressive educational models.
2. The pandemic highlighted the shortcomings of traditional schooling and increased interest in alternative approaches.
3. Sustainable and holistic learning is becoming increasingly popular among parents.
4. Unschooling allows children to direct their own learning and explore their interests.
5. The Green School in Bali is a well-known example of a progressive international school.
6. The Green School’s fees have been criticized for making it inaccessible to locals.
7. Families who relocate for alternative schools often embrace a slower lifestyle and become involved in local activities.

**Key Takeaway**

Alternative international schools are attracting families who value progressive education, sustainability, and holistic learning. These schools provide an alternative to traditional schooling methods and allow children to pursue their own interests. However, concerns about exclusivity and accessibility remain.


As families continue to prioritize progressive education and alternative approaches to schooling, relocation for the sake of international schools is becoming more common. The desire for holistic learning, sustainability, and personalized education is driving families to seek out schools that align with their values and allow their children to thrive. While there are challenges and criticism associated with these schools, the growing interest in alternative education is reshaping the way families approach their children’s education.

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