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The 10,000-square-foot Memorial home of empty-nesters revealed

Inside Empty-Nesters’ 10,000-Square-Foot Memorial Home

When Laura and Greg Davis decided to move into their new 10,000-square-foot home in Houston, it was a decision they made for their family. As empty nesters, they could have downsized to a smaller home, but instead opted for a home that could accommodate their three grown children, their spouses, and their grandchildren. And during the early days of the pandemic, it proved to be a haven for their family.

A Home for Three Generations

When Laura and Greg’s eldest daughter gave birth to their new grandchild in Denver, they were disappointed they couldn’t fly to meet the baby due to the pandemic. Instead, their daughter and her family came to live with them in Houston for eight weeks. Later, when they decided to move back to Houston, Laura and Greg’s home became a temporary haven for them for nearly a year and a half while they searched for their own home.

Laura and Greg revelled in their ability to bring their entire family, three generations, back home and demonstrate the strength of their family bond. And when Laura agreed to move into the larger home, it was going against her plans of downsizing. But with COVID-19 making its way across the world, having a larger home that could comfortably house their family felt like a gift.

The Design Process

While the home was brand new, Laura was keen on making it feel lighter and brighter. Chelsi Shoup, Laura’s daughter, encouraged her to hire Jackson Warren Interiors to help fill the seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom home. And as all good designers do, they started with the foundation of a room—rugs.

After taking Laura to Matt Camron Rugs to choose the rugs for each room, Jackson and Warren worked on pulling together a more sophisticated and light color palette. Limestone floors and creamy white walls called for more neutral hues and patterns on the furniture, draperies, and wing chairs—all to keep the room feeling bright and airy.

A Home for Family Gatherings

With holiday traditions that involve all of their children, Laura and Greg’s home needed to be comfortable and accommodating. The living room, where all the wrapping-paper-and-ribbon chaos ensues, is kept light and airy with its pastel Oushak rug and neutral furniture.

The formal dining room was turned into a TV room, perfect for family movie nights. The bunk room is where the grandkids can sleep or nap, and the bedrooms—both unused and used—are cozy and inviting.

Related Facts

  • The Davises’ eldest daughter gave birth to their first grandchild in March 2020, during the first few weeks of the pandemic
  • The family celebrated their youngest grandchild’s third birthday while they all lived together in the Davises’ home
  • Laura and Greg Davis’ previous home, where they lived for nearly three decades, sold in a day after their daughter Brianna convinced them to put it up for sale

Key Takeaways

In times of crisis, having a home that can comfortably accommodate your family can be a gift. And sometimes, going against your plans and investing in a larger home can be worth it in the long run. Working with a good interior designer can help transform a new home into a cozy and inviting space that your family will love.


The Davis family’s decision to move into their new 10,000-square-foot home was more than just a change of scenery. It was a decision that brought their entire family together during a time when being separated was a common fear. And, now that their family continues to grow, they know they have a home that can provide shelter, comfort, and, most importantly, memories that will last a lifetime.

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