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Ten Must-Read Tech News Stories of the Week

This Week in Tech News: 10 Stories You Need to See

Keeping up with the latest in technology news can be overwhelming, especially with the thousands of press releases published each week. To help you stay up-to-date, we’ve rounded up 10 newsworthy and popular stories from PR Newswire this week.

1. Microsoft Teams Up with GoDaddy to Enable Payments Over Virtual Meetings
Microsoft has partnered with GoDaddy to allow entrepreneurs to transact with customers in real-time using GoDaddy Payments’ commerce capabilities within Microsoft Teams.

2. Bloomberg Government Unveils Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring
Bloomberg Government has launched advanced search capabilities that use keywords and phrases, providing custom alerts, dashboards, and reporting to monitor social media conversations for their customers.

3. SAS announces first HBCU Fellows
SAS has selected its first HBCU Fellows to use data analytics to explore real-world applications in various fields, including financial services and sports analytics.

4. GitLab and Google Cloud Partner to Expand AI-Assisted Capabilities
GitLab and Google Cloud have partnered to provide customers with AI-assisted features within the enterprise DevSecOps platform using Google Cloud’s open generative AI infrastructure.

5. Zillow builds ChatGPT plugin for real estate searches
Users who enable the Zillow plugin on ChatGPT can ask about property listings based on details like location, price range, and bedroom and bathroom count, and receive links directly to Zillow listings that match their preferences.

6. DocuSign Reveals the Anywhere Economy Will Spark Productivity Boom and Expansion of Global Economy Over the Next Decade
DocuSign CEO, Allan Thygesen shared insights into how the “Anywhere Economy” can lead to the expansion of the global economy.

7. SAP to Embed IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence into SAP® Solutions
SAP Start will soon have new AI capabilities designed to help users boost productivity and improve natural language capabilities using IBM Watson AI solutions.

8. BlackBerry Announces Commencement of Review of Portfolio and Business Configuration
BlackBerry revealed that the Board is considering strategic alternatives to enhance shareholder value, including the possible separation of one or more of its businesses.

9. Firework Announces First-Ever Generative AI Product for Video Commerce
Firework has introduced a proprietary AI engine that can provide accurate, real-time responses to shoppers’ questions long after a livestream has concluded.

10. How Generative AI is Changing the Face of Education: New Research From Info-Tech Research Group
Generative AI technology has the potential to significantly transform the classroom, according to a recent report by Info-Tech Research Group.

Related Facts:
– Gogo, Garmin, and Acer have all released their quarterly results this week.
– The technology industry remains one of the top-growing sectors, with new innovations being developed every day.

Key Takeaway:
Keeping up-to-date with the latest in technology news is essential for anyone in this sector. From AI to social media monitoring, these stories showcase the ongoing growth and innovation in the industry.

In conclusion, this weekly press release roundup offers a quick update on the newsworthy trends in the technology industry. With constant advancements in the industry, it’s crucial for anyone interested in this space to stay up-to-date and informed.

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