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Technology Showcase witnesses collaboration between NUWC Division Newport, industry and academia

NUWC Division Newport Collaborates with Industry, Academia at Technology Showcase

Last April 18, nearly 100 attendees from the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division Newport, local technology companies, and universities gathered at the Technology Showcase. The event aimed to discuss areas in which they could partner on research that is of interest to the U.S. Navy and has commercial viability. The Northeast Tech Bridge and its nonprofit partner, the 401 Tech Bridge, organized the showcase to accelerate research and development in order to get new technologies and solutions into the warfighters’ hands quicker.

“The Technology Showcase was a great success,” said Northeast Tech Bridge Director Julie Kallfelz. “A number of attendees commented that they made connections that have great potential to lead to productive work.”

Key Attendees and Speakers of the Technology Showcase

Linda Larsen, partnership manager of the 401 Tech Bridge’s programs, welcomed the event’s attendees. She introduced Division Newport Commanding Officer Capt. Chad Hennings, who spoke briefly about the vital role technology plays in the Navy’s undersea superiority.

“We are not going to out-build China. They have more ships than we do, and they have the capacity to build more,” Hennings said. “Where our advantage lies is in our technology, especially undersea technology. The executive officer and I are challenging the technology community to see what is feasible, not just what we need to do.”

The Division Newport showcased their scientists, engineers, and personnel from the Acquisition Office, Technology Partnership Office, and the Office of Counsel. Four inventors displayed their Division Newport projects for those who wished to learn more about the technology being developed.

The Inventions Presented at the Technology Showcase

The four inventors and their respective projects were:

1. Richard Dooley, Undersea Warfare (USW) Vehicles, and Defensive Systems Department: Variable Camber Segmented Control Surfaces
2. Dr. Benjamin Drozdenko, USW Combat Systems Department: AI/ML-based Real-Time Network Intrusion Detection System
3. Makia Powell, USW Combat Systems Department: Digital Design
4. Dr. David Rivera, USW Electromagnetic Systems Department: Compressed-Size Antennae

Representatives from more than 15 companies, as well as the University of Rhode Island, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and Brown University, had ample time to exchange ideas with the inventors and discuss areas of collaboration.

Division Newport’s Invention Licensing and Patenting Process

“A primary purpose of this event was to showcase our inventions that are available for licensing and further development,” said Division Newport Supervisory Patent Attorney James Kasischke. “Division Newport seeks to maximize the use of appropriate government-developed technology through various forms of technology transfer, such as licensing and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs).”

To effectively capture and protect the technology of inventions, Division Newport patent attorneys prepare patent applications under the guidelines of federal law. The patent applications that capture the technology are filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

A patent can be issued after successful prosecution of the patent application. The inventive technology of the patent can then be licensed. According to Kasischke, invention licensing from Division Newport is easy and fairly inexpensive for the licensee.

“A potential licensee or interested party needs to identify the technology and submit a business plan indicating how they plan to use the technology,” Kasischke said. “The license usually includes royalties to support technology transfer, award the inventor, and ensure that the licensing party follows through with their business plan. Patent protection and licensing of Division Newport intellectual property protects further developments from quick knock-offs of the disclosed inventions.”

“Our inventors have an opportunity to continue development of the invention under a CRADA arranged by the Technology Partnership Office,” Kasischke said. “The CRADA may be internally funded if continuing development fulfills Navy goals, or the CRADA can be funded by the CRADA partner for more commercial undertakings.”

Related Facts

– NUWC Newport is one of two divisions of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.
– The NUWC plays a crucial role in maintaining undersea superiority for the US Navy.
– The Northeast Tech Bridge is one of several Tech Bridges across the country designed to connect underutilized government research with private industry and academia.

Key Takeaway

The Technology Showcase highlights not only the innovative technologies being developed at Division Newport but also the importance of collaborations across government, industry, and academia. By partnering and licensing technologies from government research facilities, commercial enterprises and universities can bring new products to market quickly, aiding in national defense and economic growth.


The NUWC Division Newport’s Technology Showcase event is a vital initiative fostering collaboration between government, industry, and academia. It serves as a venue to discuss mutual interests in research and development and how technology can accelerate solutions to our country’s most pressing challenges. The showcase provides an opportunity for inventors to showcase their products and for companies to collaborate and license the technologies developed at government research facilities. It’s an excellent approach to enhance national defense capabilities and spur economic growth.

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