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Surrounding Yourself with Brilliance and Kindness: Advice for Utah Tech Graduates

Utah Tech grads advised to surround themselves with brilliance and kindness

On Friday, Utah Tech University held its 112th commencement ceremony with graduates clad in decorated graduation caps and cultural scarves. The theme of the evening was to surround oneself with brilliant people and always remain kind.

Valedictorian Briley Wyckoff gave a reference to Taylor Swift, explaining how the singer and playwright Martin McDonagh discussed their experiences in directing music videos. Wyckoff emphasized the importance of absorbing as much information as possible from brilliant people.

Wyckoff thanked her professors who provided an environment that encouraged discussions and expanded her viewpoints. She challenged her fellow graduates to remember their abilities and keep building upon their experiences, passions, and understandings.

The Commencement Speaker, Khosrow B. Semnani, CEO of S.K. Hart Management, shared stories of kindness from his mentors. He reminded the graduates that each person’s promise of success remained long after the ceremony. Semnani encouraged students to look at problems as opportunities for creativity and emphasized the importance of hard work.

Semnani, an Iranian-American philanthropist based in Salt Lake City, founded the Semnani Family Foundation in 1993 with his wife. The foundation works with organizations to provide humanitarian relief across the world, and he also founded Omid for Iran in 2009 to encourage policies that promote the country’s people and liberty.

Key Takeaways from the Ceremony
– Surround yourself with brilliant people
– Remember the abilities developed and continue building upon experiences, passions, and understandings
– Problems should be seen as opportunities for creativity
– Kindness remains a key to success

Related Facts
– Total number of degrees awarded: 2,804
– Youngest graduate: N/A

In conclusion, the key takeaway from Utah Tech’s 112th Commencement Ceremony is to surround oneself with brilliance and kindness. Graduates are encouraged to remember their abilities, continue building upon their experiences, see problems as opportunities, and remain kind.

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