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Support group provides comfort to mothers grieving the loss of their children.

Mothers who’ve lost children find solace in support group

Losing a child is an experience no parent should have to endure. It’s often a singularly devastating thing to the human spirit, and the pain can linger for years. After Lou Ann White lost her son, Craig Ryan, in November 2018, she struggled to find support as she grieved. That’s when she realized there were other mothers out there who were going through the same thing. In 2019, she started a support group on Facebook called Moms of Angels, and it’s grown to include about 70 members across several states.

The group meets once a month to offer support, and members share stories about their children, bring pictures to share, and offer comfort and understanding. While friends can offer sympathy, they can’t fully understand the pain of a mother who’s lost a child. Mothers in the group describe feeling like they can let their guard down and truly open up about their experiences because they’re surrounded by people who understand their pain.

Related Facts

– Mothers of Angels started in Mississippi and has grown to include members from several other states, including Tennessee and Florida.
– Many members of the group have lost their only child, and some have lost multiple children.
– Grief can manifest in different ways, and members of the group have found comfort in sharing their experiences with others who understand the unique pain of losing a child.

Key Takeaway

The Moms of Angels support group offers a place for mothers who have lost children to connect with others who understand their pain. While the grief of losing a child never goes away, being able to share experiences with others who “get it” can offer an invaluable source of comfort and support.


Losing a child is one of the most difficult things a parent can go through, but groups like Moms of Angels offer a place for mothers to connect with others who understand their pain. By sharing stories, offering support, and simply being there to listen, members of the group are able to find some solace in a difficult time. While the grief of losing a child never really goes away, the support of others who have been through the same thing can make it more bearable.

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