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StepChange, Tinnitus UK, and Cancer Research UK: A Look at Their Recent Movements

Who’s Moving: StepChange, Tinnitus UK and Cancer Research UK

Several key charity appointments have been announced recently. Vikki Brownridge has been promoted to CEO of debt charity StepChange, becoming the first woman to lead the charity. Nicola Chevis is stepping down as CEO of Vision Action and being replaced by James Riggs, who most recently worked as a consultant for Education Development Trust UK. Caroline Savage is taking up the position of CEO at Tinnitus UK, where she had been interim CEO since June 2022. Andy Bell has been promoted to CEO of Centre for Mental Health, where he has been deputy CEO since 2009. Finally, Kristian Teleki has been appointed CEO of wildlife conservation charity Fauna & Flora International, replacing Mark Rose who led the charity for 30 years.

Related Facts:
– Vikki Brownridge has worked for StepChange for 17 years, starting as an advice centre manager.
– James Riggs was previously CEO of Alma Mater Education in Ghana.
– Caroline Savage has been with Tinnitus UK since April 2021, starting as head of major giving.
– Andy Bell has worked for Centre for Mental Health for 20 years.
– Kristian Teleki is global director of the ocean programme at World Resources Institute and director of Friends of Ocean Action.

Key Takeaway:
The charity sector has seen a flurry of CEO appointments recently, with several organisations seeking new leadership. Promoting from within is becoming more popular, with Vikki Brownridge and Andy Bell both rising up the ranks to become CEOs, demonstrating the value of nurturing and developing talent.

With the challenges charities face today, such as COVID-19 and the climate crisis, strong leadership is crucial. These appointments will provide these organisations with leaders who can take them forward, inspire their teams and drive their missions forward.

Denk Liu
Denk Liu
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