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Southern Designers Suggest 14 Bedroom Items to Let Go of

Your bedroom should be your peaceful oasis, a place where you can relax and unwind. But if you’re surrounded by clutter and outdated decor, it’s hard to find that much-needed tranquility. That’s why Southern designers are speaking up about the things you need to toss from your bedroom. Keep reading to learn about the 14 things Southern designers say it’s time to retire or replace in the bedroom.

Clutter, Clutter, And More Clutter
The first thing you need to do is tackle the clutter. Declutter your nightstands and remove any piles of mail or cluttered accessories. Invest in furniture with high storage capacity and keep necessities in drawers. Your surfaces should be reserved for lamps and thoughtful accessories.

The TV
Your bedroom should be a resting retreat, not a TV-watching station. Southern designers recommend removing the television from your bedroom. Instead, focus on artwork, filtered natural light, and beautiful bedding.

Old Newspapers, Books, And Magazines
While it’s okay to keep your Southern Living magazines, it’s time to let go of old newspapers, books, and magazines. They tend to add clutter to your relaxation space, making it less relaxing. Hold onto the ones you want to keep and find a new home for them elsewhere in the house.

Perfectly Matching Furniture
While it’s okay to have a pair of nightstands or a set of bedside lamps, you don’t need everything to match perfectly. Consider using antiques or family heirloom pieces for an asymmetrical look and embrace imperfection.

Unused Gadgets
Old gadgets and power cords add clutter and take up unnecessary space. Get rid of them and free up space in your bedroom.

Spent Mattresses
If you’re doing a bedroom refresh, consider investing in a new mattress too. It’s best to change your mattress every 8-10 years, but you can extend its lifespan with a mattress protector and by investing in the best quality you can afford.

Anything Work Related
Keep work out of your bedroom whenever possible. Laptops, paperwork, and other work-related items should be kept far away from your bedroom. Let your bedroom serve only a few purposes, and your comforting surroundings will cue your brain to feel ready for sleep.

Unnecessary Pillows
While we love beautiful throw pillows, that doesn’t mean you need a small army of them. Try to edit your bedroom collection and keep only the ones you truly love.

Outdated Bedding
Outdated bedding can make your bedroom feel tired and outdated too. Choose bedding that’s fresh and modern and invest in new pillows and shams every so often to keep your bedroom looking its best.

Overly Cluttered Dressers
An overly cluttered dresser can make your bedroom feel cramped and cluttered too. Organize your dressers and keep everything in its place. Drawer organizers and dividers can help, and consider getting rid of any clothes you haven’t worn in a while.

Bad Lighting
Good lighting is essential for any bedroom. Invest in table lamps or sconces and make sure your bedroom has adequate lighting. A comfy rug underfoot can add warmth and texture too.

Outdated Design Trends
Outdated design trends and overly stuffed rooms are out. Instead, focus on a pared-down and refreshing bedroom suite. Make sure your bedroom is a calm and restful place.

Uncomfortable Seating
If you have a bench or chair in your room, make sure it’s comfortable to sit in. A chaise or chair and ottoman is nice to have too. Make sure you have a comfortable seating area in your bedroom for reading or relaxing.

Related Facts
– A cluttered bedroom can make it hard to relax and sleep well.
– Good lighting is essential for creating a calming atmosphere in your bedroom.
– Investing in quality bedding and mattresses can improve your sleep quality.
– Keeping work out of your bedroom can help reduce stress and improve your relaxation.

Key Takeaway
If you want to create a peaceful and calming bedroom, it’s time to declutter and retire outdated design trends. Remove anything work-related and invest in good lighting, quality bedding, and a comfortable seating area. Let your bedroom be a true respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

By following these tips from Southern designers, you can create a bedroom that’s both stylish and relaxing. It all starts with decluttering and investing in quality furniture and bedding. By embracing imperfection and letting go of outdated design trends, you can create a bedroom that’s uniquely yours.

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