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South Phoenix to Adopt Blue Zones’ Principles for Longevity

Blue Zones Comes to South Phoenix to Target Longevity

According to leaders of the Blue Zones initiative, residents in north Scottsdale live 17 years longer on average than those living in south Phoenix. The program aims to increase the quality of life in underserved areas and has been operating for years globally. Blue Zones’ approach involves harnessing the power of the community to identify necessary changes and determine how to drive them, in addition to changing government policies and incorporating community leaders to help drive change.

What is Blue Zones?

Blue Zones is an initiative that focuses on increasing longevity and quality of life in underserved areas. It is divided into three phases: a community assessment phase, a phase where community leaders help implement the changes, and a final step where the changes are carried out. Blue Zones operates on a local level with community residents and a collaboration of local government, business and nonprofits.

What is Being Done in South Phoenix?

Tomás León, president of the Equality Health Foundation, is overseeing the Phoenix project. León’s organization focuses on using surveys to gather data on what needs to change in the community. In south Phoenix, the survey identified healthy eating as a key issue for life improvements. Krystal Mack, a vegan restaurant owner in south Phoenix, agrees that eating healthy is crucial to living a better life.

Blue Zones’ approach to increasing the quality of life in south Phoenix involves identifying root-cause issues collaboratively with community leaders and implementing government policies to drive change. The goal is to increase longevity and make south Phoenix a more equitable community.

Related Facts

– The Blue Zones initiative originated from the book, “The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest” by Dan Buettner.
– The program identifies “Blue Zones,” areas of the world where people live the longest, and studies the traits and habits of these communities to develop strategies for longevity and quality of life.
– Dan Buettner created the Blue Zones initiative with National Geographic and expanded it to an international organization.

Key Takeaway

The Blue Zones initiative has come to south Phoenix to address the equity gap between north Scottsdale and south Phoenix. By gathering data and working collaboratively with community leaders, local government, business and nonprofits, the initiative aims to create policy changes that will address root-cause issues. The aim is to make south Phoenix a healthier and more equitable community with increased longevity.


The Blue Zones initiative aims to address the equity gap between north Scottsdale and south Phoenix by improving the quality of life in underserved areas. The program’s approach to creating change collaboratively with community leaders and implementing government policy changes requires a long-term commitment to succeed. The hope is that the program’s strategies will lead to increased longevity and a healthier, more equitable community.

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