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South Phoenix Embraces ‘Blue Zone’ Practices to Enhance Longevity – The Daily Independent on

Blue Zone Comes to South Phoenix to Increase Longevity

Residents in north Scottsdale live 17 years longer compared to those in south Phoenix, according to the Blue Zones initiative. The project is a global undertaking that aims to increase the quality of life in underserved areas. To achieve this, the program works with the community to identify what needs improvement and drive those changes. Changing government policies is also part of the strategy to create long-lasting solutions, which may take years to materialize.

Blue Zones Project’s Three-Phase Initiative

The Blue Zones project is divided into three phases:

1. Community Assessment: Blue Zones experts collect survey data that helps build an action plan for change.

2. Community Leaders: Community leaders work together with business and nonprofit organizations to help drive the changes in the community.

3. Transformation: This phase carries out the plan’s transformation to improve health and the quality of life in communities around the world.

South Phoenix-Restaurants Launch Lifestyle Changes

Healthy eating is among the key issues identified by the residents of south Phoenix who participated in the survey. The project focuses on improving people’s lives within a 10-mile radius of where they live, where they’ll spend most of their moments on Earth. Restaurants, as part of the food systems and employers, have been involved in every Blue Zone project because they offer a place to socialize, enjoy healthy meals, and most importantly, work towards a healthy and better life.

Blue Zones Define Regions With Longevity

Blue Zone identifies regions worldwide where people live longer than average and are the happiest. The zones include Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece, and Loma Linda, California. The zones are known for breeding a better lifestyle, including better eating, exercise, and community involvement, giving individuals more opportunities to practice their purpose.

Related Facts

Blue Zones is a national program with a locally-based approach to bridging the equity gap. South Phoenix has long-standing issues that should have been addressed earlier. However, most initiatives similar to the one in south Phoenix launched in Texas and Minnesota have been successful, taking years and strong partnerships to work against the headwinds of inequities. Blue Zones has faced criticism as a myth by some medical experts.

Key Takeaway

The Blue Zones initiative aims to address the equity gap in south Phoenix by improving health and quality of life. The project brings together the community, business, nonprofit organizations, and local government to work towards a common goal of creating a healthier next generation. The transformation of the community’s health and wellness is not instant but will gradually take place over the years through a systematic process and strong partnerships.


The Blue Zones initiative comes to South Phoenix to increase longevity by focusing on people’s health and quality of life. The project recognizes south Phoenix’s equity gap and seeks to create long-lasting solutions that address the root causes. By working together with the community, business, nonprofit organizations, and local government, the Blue Zones project aims to transform people’s lifestyle for the better. The transformation will not happen overnight but will gradually take shape through a systematic process that takes years, strong partnerships, and involves changing policies.

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