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Simple Strategies for Covert a Garden into a Livable Area: Merging Outdoor and Indoor Spaces | Luxury Lifestyle Journal

Turning A Garden Into A Living Space: Simple Ways To Bring The Indoors Into The Outdoors

As summer approaches, it’s time to start making the most of your garden. Often underused, gardens have the potential to be transformed into luxurious outdoor living spaces with the right touches. Here are some simple ways to bring the inside out and create a stunning outdoor space to enjoy.

Take Your Cooking Al Fresco

One of the best things about summer is the ability to cook and eat outdoors. From barbecuing to hosting garden parties, there are many ways to bring your cooking to the great outdoors.

If outdoor kitchen set-up is not possible, there are still fun ways to bring cooking outside. Invest in a quality gas-fired barbeque, or splurge on a portable pizza oven and make pizzas al fresco. The Ooni pizza oven has become a highly desired item among pizza enthusiasts and allows you to make restaurant-quality pizzas at home.

Create A Space For Late-Night Lounging

With a dedicated spot for late-night stargazing and entertaining, you can squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of your garden. Choose a private spot in the garden and place comfortable seating around a focal point such as a fire pit. Make it close to a hedge or wall for added privacy and quieter noise levels. Blankets will come in handy for the temperature drops when the sun goes down.

Opt For Picturesque Landscaping

Invest in professional landscaping to add a sense of luxury to your garden. Landscaping projects can add value to any property and show that you take pride in your home. With a little money and a bit of hard work, you can transform the outdoor space around your home to something truly beautiful.

Consider giving your garden a design theme. Asian design or a reiki garden promotes relaxation and healing, and an Italian garden adds intricate stonework and tailored topiary for an elegant look.

Add A Room With A View

Nothing adds value like an outdoor living space, and garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular. Garden rooms provide an extension of your indoor living space and offer an added relaxation area, office or gym, or even a guest house.

Related Facts

According to a recent study, being surrounded by nature increases creativity

Landscaping can add up to 15% to a property’s value

An outdoor living space is the top desired feature for luxury homebuyers.

Key Takeaway

Transforming your garden into an outdoor living space can increase your home’s value, provide a unique space to relax and entertain, and offer health benefits. Simple touches such as landscaping, themed gardens, cooking al fresco, and creating a dedicated lounging area provide endless possibilities to bring the indoors out.


Making the most of your garden takes some creativity and effort, but with the above tips, it’s easy to transform the space into a luxurious outdoor living area. From cooking al fresco to late-night lounging, picturesque landscaping to a garden room, adding touches of indoor living will enhance your outdoor space and provide endless possibilities for relaxation and entertainment.

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