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Showtime therapist reveals the top risk of avoiding money conversations with your partner

The No. 1 Danger of Not Talking About Money With Your Partner, According to Showtime Therapist

Money is often considered a taboo topic among couples, but it’s essential to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about it. Orna Guralnik, a psychoanalyst on the Showtime series “Couples Therapy,” notes that money is a touchstone with reality that can make it clear when couples can’t agree or find a way to problem-solve together. Here are some key insights from Guralnik on the biggest money issues couples face and why not addressing them can be dangerous.

Money Is Hard to Talk About

Money is often viewed as a private matter even more than sex. Guralnik attributes this to the fact that money determines one’s social status in American society and is tied closely to one’s self-worth. People may have all sorts of fantasies and ideas about themselves, but money provides feedback from the real world, which is why not talking about it can be risky business. It’s essential to deal with reality and not defend against it to take care of oneself and grow.

Couples Have Different Attitudes Toward Money

Not everyone has the same attitude toward money, and that can pose challenges for couples. Some people are frugal and lean toward the obsessive side, while others lack impulse control and hate thinking about the future. Conversations about budgeting or planning can be excruciating for those who don’t share the same mindset.

Money Is an Indicator of Other Problems

Relationships can fall apart over financial issues only on the surface. The underlying issues that cause the breakup are deeper and often reveal more significant problems that stem from a lack of communication or trust. Guralnik notes that couples are not breaking up due to money, but rather not being able to work through their financial problems together.

Related facts:
– According to a survey by The Ascent, nearly 80% of Americans say they hide purchases from their partners.
– The same survey found that one in five Americans has broken up with someone over money issues.

Key Takeaway:
Talking about money with your partner is essential. Honesty and transparency about your finances can help you work together to solve problems and build trust in your relationship. Don’t shy away from the topic, even if it’s uncomfortable. Instead, embrace the reality and work together to achieve your financial goals.

In conclusion, financial issues can be complex, but ignoring them won’t make them go away. Talking honestly about money is essential for couples to build trust, communicate effectively, and work toward common goals. Remember, the danger of not confronting your financial realities is more significant than any temporary discomfort that comes with opening up about it.

This article was written by a CNBC journalist. It has been reformatted by an AI language model for GPT-3.

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