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Sharing Life’s Secrets: Tallahassee Senior Center’s Silver Stars

Tallahassee Senior Center’s Silver Stars Share Secrets to Life

The Tallahassee Senior Center’s 21st annual Silver Stars celebration recognizes eight outstanding individuals for their service and exemplifying living an active, full, and engaged life. The gala event is presented by the Tallahassee Senior Center & Foundation and Capital Health Plan.

The ceremony on Thursday, May 18, at Florida State University’s Dunlap Champions Club honors each recipient’s unique backgrounds and life achievements. The stories and achievements will encourage everyone to live well and stay involved in their communities, develop new hobbies, and continue learning.

The Silver Stars celebration showcases the significant role seniors play in society. The recipients inspire us all on how to live our best lives at any age. Here are two of the outstanding winners:

Multi-Talented Marina Brown

Marina Brown is a woman of many talents and experiences. As a child, she wanted to be a ballet dancer and embarked on a successful career until an injury cut it short.

She pursued a career as a nurse, but her passions did not stop there as she later learned to play the cello, became an accomplished sailor and writer, and even picked up painting. She continues to try new things, like learning a new language, and says that ignoring aches and pains and acting youthful helps keep her engaged with life.

Marina teaches art and writing and attends dance classes at the Tallahassee Senior Center in her free time. She advises others to be creative every day and embrace new experiences, even if it means going in a new direction.

Jane Greene

Jane Greene volunteers as a nurse in the Tallahassee Senior Center’s Health Suite, checking blood pressure, performing glucose screenings, answering health-related questions, and educating seniors on how to maintain good health.

Despite her mother discouraging her from pursuing nursing as a career, Jane went on to become an LPN and then a Registered Nurse, graduating just before her 50th birthday.

Jane is not only a nurse but a community enthusiast, having worked in banking, oil industry, and at an adoption agency. As a full-time stay-at-home mother, Jane was involved in her children’s schools and extracurricular activities, serving as PTA president and girls’ softball coach.

Jane has an infectious sense of humor and is known for teaching anyone who wants to learn anything. She is a dedicated volunteer and returning volunteer at the Tallahassee Senior Center, and her commitment to service is a testament to her life-long passion for helping others.

Related Facts

– The Tallahassee Senior Center & Foundation serves adults 50 and older.
– The center offers social, educational, health, and wellness programs for seniors.
– Volunteers contribute over 60,000 hours annually, equivalent to over $1 million in services.
– The Tallahassee Senior Center has received national accreditation by both the National Institute of Senior Centers and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

Key Takeaway

Age does not have to limit our potential. Marina Brown and Jane Greene exemplify how seniors can lead active, fulfilling, and exciting lives. Engaging in various activities and volunteering can contribute to overall well-being and enhance a sense of purpose.


The Tallahassee Senior Center’s annual Silver Stars ceremony celebrates seniors who serve as beacons of inspiration, reminding us all that living well is achievable at any age. Marina Brown and Jane Greene are two of the many examples of seniors in the community who embody the spirit of the award.

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