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Seven Sacred Principles of Financial Management

The 7 Holy Virtues of Finance: Knowing Your Strengths


Recently, I wrote an article titled “The 7 Deadly Sins of Finance,” where I discussed each sin’s struggle and its various manifestations. This article is a continuation of that conversation, shedding light on the 7 Holy Virtues that alleviate the stranglehold of opposing sins. Knowing your strengths can be just as important as knowing your weaknesses.

It may be helpful to picture each of the 7 topics as a spectrum, with the healthiest and unhealthiest versions at the extreme ends. Our character and attributes can manifest themselves in different forms based on several internal and external factors. But no virtue is out of reach. In different seasons of life, our personal pendulum will swing, but we have a choice to make every minute of every day. The benefit of living with the Virtues far outweighs the effort it takes to embrace them.

Contentment (Counteracts Envy)

Being satisfied and accepting of ourselves, our gifts and talents, allows us to be grateful for our circumstances and not begrudge the good fortune of others. In a world where social media is prevalent, the opportunity to be jealous or envious of someone else’s circumstances is at our fingertips all day, every day. But it is critical to understand that the online highlight reel we view has been molded by the hard times, and every one of us is dealing with some kind of pain. Finding serenity in our own walk enables us to treat others with dignity and respect, finding inspiration in their journey to empower our own abilities.

Generosity (Counteracts Greed)

An attitude of unselfishness, sharing ourselves and our possessions with others, is a vital attribute. Giving is not limited to a cut of our income; it is about being present to anyone in our home, office, or community. It is about listening and discerning when someone is in need and opening our hearts to them. Giving is at its most pure when we seek nothing in return. This particular type of giving is nothing short of intoxicating. The more we give, the more we recognize we have to give.

Purity (Counteracts Lust)

In financial terms, purity is not letting money be our god. Money cannot buy happiness, and material or monetary satisfaction cannot fill the void or emptiness we seek. Money is merely a means to an end, a multiplier of what’s already inside of us. Simplifying the money conversation makes money a tool for accomplishing greater good, rather than letting money enslave us to climb a ladder of lies.

Diligence and Perseverance (Counteracts Sloth)

Perseverance develops when we diligently move toward a goal and use our talents, gifts, and attributes for growth and the good of our community and ourselves. Discipline is the bridge between who we are and who we want to be. Mapping out our personal pie chart on the 4 things you can do with money (Live/Owe/Give/Grow) allows us to set goals and diligently move towards them.

Related Facts

– As of 2021, 82% of Americans have a social media profile, and over half of the world’s population is active on social media.
– Generous Americans on average give 2-2.5% of their income.
– Americans spend more money on Halloween costumes for their pets than they share with the poorest people groups on Earth.

Key Takeaway

The 7 Holy Virtues of Finance are valuable attributes to adopt. These virtues counteract the negative effects of their opposing sins, thus promoting a healthier financial mindset. Adopting these virtues allows us to lead a more fulfilled, abundant life and empowers us to give more generously to those in need.


In conclusion, knowing your strengths and adopting these 7 Holy Virtues of Finance allows for a healthier relationship with money. Recognizing that money can’t fulfill our deepest desires and that giving generously, being content with what we have, and diligently moving towards goals are far more important than achieving financial success.

Denk Liu
Denk Liu
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