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Seabourn’s Expedition Ships, Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit, Equipped with SpaceX’s Starlink WiFi Technology.

Seabourn, the luxury travel operator, has announced its latest move to enhance the customer experience offered through its expedition voyages. The company’s two new specially built ships, Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit, will offer the latest Wi-Fi connectivity using SpaceX’s Starlink, a Low Earth Orbit satellite system. The upgraded technology offers customers a faster and more reliable service wherever the system is installed. Seabourn Venture is set to be the first vessel in the fleet to offer the new system, and it is expected that Seabourn Pursuit will be equipped with it shortly afterward.

The deployment of this technology is aimed at giving guests a more reliable connection so that they can stay in touch with loved ones while on vacations in remote and interesting locations. The company is committed to providing a world-class service, and the partnership with Starlink is seen as a significant step in that process. The new technology is slated to be available for guests on board Seabourn Venture from May 12, 2023, on voyages ranging from the Arctic to Antarctica.

Related Facts

– Seabourn Venture will sail on two voyages to British Isles and Ireland in May before heading off to the Arctic.
– The ship will then head down the West Coast of the Americas before reaching Antarctica, where it will sail between November 2023 and February 2024.
– Seabourn takes travelers to every continent on the globe, visiting more than 400 ports, including marquee cities and lesser-known ports and hideaways.
– Seabourn represents the pinnacle of ultra-luxury ocean and expedition travel, with one new ultraluxury ship under construction.

Key Takeaway

Seabourn’s latest move to enhance connectivity on board their expedition ships with the deployment of Starlink’s Wi-Fi technology is seen as a significant step in the right direction by customers and critics alike. In the ultra-luxury expedition voyage market, Seabourn is already a pioneer in providing high-end travel experiences, and this latest addition is seen as part of an overall strategy to offer the best possible customer experience. Crafted itineraries, all-suites with oceanfront views, and a world-class expedition team are a few of the features that make Seabourn a standout luxury travel company.


In conclusion, Seabourn’s latest announcement of the installation of SpaceX’s Starlink Wi-Fi technology on Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit is seen as a positive step for the company and the customers. This new technology will offer cruise guests an elevated level of connectivity, reliability, and speed. When combined with Seabourn’s other services, this upgrade makes its expedition cruises the ultimate in luxury travel. This move highlights Seabourn’s commitment to providing the best travel experience possible for its customers. With the new technology, customers will be able to connect with followers and loved ones on social media, check emails, and stream videos with ease while enjoying the remote and captivating locations that Seabourn’s expedition ships visit.

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