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SAP Sapphire event to highlight AI, cloud and networking advancements | TechTarget

AI, cloud, and networks are set to dominate the conversation at this year’s SAP Sapphire event. However, industry insiders are eager for SAP to demonstrate the real value its products deliver to customers. Jon Reed, co-founder of Diginomica, suggests that the most interesting topic will be how SAP helps customers become more resilient and better able to compete. AI is expected to be at the forefront of discussions, with Liz Herbert from Forrester Research expecting a focus on sustainability, generative AI, and real-world examples. Additionally, SAP needs to clarify the messages around the public cloud and private cloud versions of S/4HANA Cloud and address customer success more directly. There is also a need for clarity around SAP Datasphere, an initiative around enterprise data, and for SAP to differentiate itself from competitors and provide compelling reasons for customers to adopt its products.

Related Facts:
– SAP Sapphire is an annual conference held by SAP that focuses on enterprise software and products.
– Rise with SAP aims to help customers migrate to S/4HANA while Grow with SAP is geared towards SMBs.
– SAP Business Network connects business partners to streamline processes.
– SAP Datasphere enables businesses to get more value from their data by providing a centralized platform for managing data.

Key Takeaway:
SAP Sapphire will be a platform for SAP to demonstrate its latest technology and products, but the focus needs to be on providing real value to customers. It’s not enough to showcase emerging technology; SAP needs to clarify messages, especially around S/4HANA Cloud, address customer success directly, and differentiate itself from competitors. SAP needs to show why its products are compelling enough for customers to adopt.

The SAP Sapphire event is an exciting opportunity for SAP to demonstrate its latest technology and products. However, it’s crucial for SAP to focus on providing real value to customers, clarifying messages, and addressing customer success directly to remain competitive and differentiate itself from its competitors.

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