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Rich House Poor House star states: Flat was tiny and I missed my maid

I Missed My Maid & the Flat Was Tiny, Says Rich House Poor House Star

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, a multimillionaire worth nearly £200m, recently appeared on Channel 5’s Rich House Poor House, where he swapped lives with struggling single mum Ocean. The show sees wealthy families switching lives with those who are less fortunate, giving them a taste of what it’s like to live on a tight budget.

An Unfamiliar Experience

For five days, Drewitt-Barlow had to give up his luxury lifestyle, which included maids, a chef, a yacht, and seven lavish mansions, to live on a council estate in a tiny two-bedroom council flat. The multimillionaire, who is used to spending £20k on meals out and £4m on his family at Christmas, had to survive on a meagre £57 for the week.

Speaking to Fabulous, Drewitt-Barlow admitted that he was not initially keen on the idea of swapping lives with Ocean, but he eventually took up the challenge to show his children what it was like for him growing up with nothing. Although he had low expectations of Ocean’s flat, he was pleasantly surprised by how clean and tidy it was. However, there were no parking facilities, and he was forced to walk on foot, something he wasn’t used to doing.

He was joined by his fiancé, Scott, and two-year-old daughter Valentina, who thought the whole apartment block was one house. Saffron, Drewitt-Barlow’s daughter, who previously said she’d cry if she had less than $1m in the bank, was shocked when she saw that Ocean’s flat was the same size as her walk-in wardrobe at home.

Budgetary Constraints

Although Drewitt-Barlow was given some cash to live off, he didn’t think it was enough. As a rule at home, they don’t have a budget and just buy what they want. However, he admitted that it was a struggle to survive on £57 with a child and household bills. On the flip side, he gave Ocean a budget of £5,000 to live on, but he wanted it to be higher. He argued that with seven houses to keep, the cost of running and staffing them was high.

Related Facts

  • Barrie Drewitt-Barlow and his ex-partner Tony made history by being Britain’s first gay dads.
  • Last year, he made headlines after buying his newborn son a £2.5m yacht and a £30,000 wardrobe.
  • Scott, Drewitt-Barlow’s fiancé, is Saffron’s ex-boyfriend.
  • The multimillionaire owns seven houses, all of which have a minimum of six bedrooms and full 24/7 staff, including a driver and personal barman.

Key Takeaway

Although it is a good idea to swap lives with those who are less fortunate, it is important to recognise that it is not a true representation of what it’s like to live on a tight budget. For many, it is a permanent reality. Therefore, it is important to live within one’s means and appreciate what one has.


Barrie Drewitt-Barlow’s experience on Rich House Poor House highlights the stark contrast between the lifestyles of the wealthy and those who are less fortunate. Despite some initial reluctance, Drewitt-Barlow rose to the challenge and came to appreciate what Ocean and her daughter had to endure on a daily basis. The experience may be brief, but it is a reminder that it’s important to be mindful of others’ situations and circumstances, especially in a time where financial hardship is affecting so many people.

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