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Rice Military townhome achieves significant outcomes through minor adjustments.

Big Results Come from Small Changes in Rice Military Townhome

Jan and Alan Sexton had beautiful things to fill their home at the gated Caceres townhome community in Rice Military. They both love color, art, and design and have confidence in their decorating choices. However, they found themselves needing help when they struggled to make a change without making a mistake. They contacted interior designer Oscar Banta-Guevara to help them with their mantel and sofa, but little did they know that small changes could impact the whole room.

Banta-Guevara understood their needs and knew that they didn’t need a big renovation or expensive purchases. What they needed was a fresh perspective on what they already had. He helped them see how small changes could impact a room without making significant purchases. Their first concern was the living room fireplace mantel, where they had placed a favorite art collection above it. However, tinkering with the mantel’s arrangement didn’t yield positive results, and they didn’t know what to do.

One thing led to another, and they realized that changing the sofa would also entail changing the blue wall, which would have an impact on the rug, and so on. They were overwhelmed, and that’s when Banta-Guevara showed them how small changes could make a big difference.

Banta-Guevara helped them redo the primary bedroom and bathroom without buying new furniture. Tall rectangles of molding were added to the walls for a Regency-style paneled effect, which made the room less gray. They painted everything in Benjamin Moore’s “Chantilly Lace,” and added a custom-made lampshade, new bedding, and decorative pillows. The primary bathroom featured Osborne & Little’s “Sunbird” metallic gold and fuchsia wallpaper, which added elegance to the room.

The Sextons entertain often and love using their home to help their favorite causes. They auctioned off a dinner in their home for fundraising for Prayers of the People, which provides lay chaplain services in medical settings around the world. Their dining room features a huge, purple blown-glass chandelier, which Alan found and fell in love with. The chandelier blends with lively chinoiserie upholstery on dining chairs and olive green draperies and rug.

Jan, who studied studio art and art history in college and approaches home design with a colorful artist flair, wanted more color in the primary bedroom. A rug with plenty of fuchsia was already present, but she wanted more color. They added new bedding, pillows, and lampshades, and the small changes breathed life into the room.

The Sextons understand the appeal of white kitchens and light neutral palettes, but that’s not how they want to live. They love color, and that’s evident in their home’s design. They met later in life, in a Sunday school class at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Houston, and got married 13 years ago. They both lived in larger homes but wanted to downsize and chose a townhome because of the low maintenance.

Key Takeaway:

Small changes can make a big difference in a room’s appearance without breaking the bank. Hiring an interior designer can help bring a fresh perspective and make use of existing furniture and art to create a new look. Don’t be afraid to add color to your home; it’s a personal choice that reflects your personality and style.

Related Facts:

– Prayers of the People is a non-profit organization that provides lay chaplain services in medical settings worldwide.
– Oscar Banta-Guevara is an interior designer who’s been featured in Modern Luxury Interiors Magazine.
– Rice Military is a neighborhood in Houston, Texas, located west of downtown and east of Memorial Park.

In conclusion, the Sextons didn’t expect to make significant changes to their home but were open to fresh perspectives. They realized that small changes could make a big difference, and hiring an interior designer helped them achieve the desired look without breaking the bank. The lesson learned is that small changes can lead to big results, and that’s something to keep in mind while redecorating your home.

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