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Revolutionary Clean-Energy Technology Transforms Climate Change Battle

Adaptable Clean-Energy Technology Revolutionizes the Fight Against Climate Change

Climate change and deteriorating air quality have reached critical levels, forcing us to urgently search for clean-energy solutions. Thankfully, the innovative CANSTOREnergy project, led by the University of Calgary, is taking the lead in transforming carbon dioxide (CO2) and renewable energy into fuels. This groundbreaking project has the potential to revolutionize the way we combat climate change and improve air quality.

Community-Specific Fuel Conversion ‘Boxes’

CANSTOREnergy fuel-storage units are carbon-capture and conversion technology that can turn carbon-based emissions from the atmosphere or exhaust into green fuels. A team of researchers led by Dr. Joule Bergerson is working to adapt this technology to fit the unique needs and goals of different communities across Canada.

The project is divided into three clusters – Direct, Discover, and Develop – with each cluster bringing together experts from various disciplines to design climate-wise solutions. This approach ensures that the technology can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different communities throughout Canada.

What makes CANSTOREnergy unique is its emphasis on engaging communities early in the process and adapting the technology to fit their needs. By involving communities from the beginning, the team can better understand the economic and environmental consequences of different technologies. This early collaboration allows for the avoidance of potential negative consequences that could arise from the deployment of these technologies in the future.

The Develop team, headed by Dr. Bergerson, assesses electrochemical conversion technologies and collaborates with researchers in social sciences, sciences, and engineering to optimize the technology’s economic and environmental impact. The goal is to generate green fuels, particularly in regions like the Yukon, where communities face seasonal extremes that limit their ability to fully utilize their hydropower resources.

Importance of Finding Local Solutions

CANSTOREnergy recognizes the importance of “regional specificity” in finding solutions for individual communities. By having research teams physically present in the Yukon and southern Ontario, the project can adapt its technology to match each community’s scale, resources, and societal requirements.

An integral aspect of CANSTOREnergy’s approach is the involvement of Indigenous communities from the project’s inception. This ensures that initiatives are conducted in a manner that respects and benefits the communities, their economies, job opportunities, and social well-being once the units are fully installed and operational. The inclusion of Indigenous communities not only demonstrates a commitment to equity and justice but also strengthens the likelihood of successful deployment of the technology.

It’s essential to discuss regional specificity when developing and implementing clean-energy solutions. One size does not fit all when it comes to combatting climate change. By acknowledging the unique challenges faced by different communities, we can ensure that the solution is tailored to their specific needs.

Related Facts

  • The CANSTOREnergy project has received $24 million in research funds through the federal New Frontiers in Research Fund’s (NFRF) 2022 Transformation Competition.
  • The project involves researchers from 11 Canadian universities and more than 40 research teams across the country.
  • CANSTOREnergy’s technology has the potential to reduce the reliance on imported fuels like diesel, particularly in regions with access to renewable energy but limited resources during winter months.

Key Takeaway

The CANSTOREnergy project is at the forefront of finding clean-energy solutions to combat climate change. By adapting its technology to meet the unique needs of different communities, the project is revolutionizing the fight against climate change from coast to coast. Engaging communities early in the process, considering regional specificity, and involving Indigenous communities are crucial aspects of this groundbreaking initiative.


The CANSTOREnergy project, backed by the University of Calgary, is an inspiring example of how adaptable clean-energy technology can transform the fight against climate change. By involving communities, considering regional specificity, and engaging Indigenous communities, CANSTOREnergy ensures that its technology meets the diverse challenges faced by communities throughout Canada. This project brings hope for a future where sustainable and locally relevant clean-energy solutions are accessible to all.

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