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Return of the Fundamentals of Financial Management

As we navigate through economic volatility, it is important to focus on the basics of money management to keep financial goals on track. Regions Bank, in honor of Financial Literacy Month, is offering a suite of free financial education tools and resources to everyone. This program, called Regions Next Step, offers budgeting and savings calculators, self-paced interactive courses, articles, podcasts, worksheets, and more that help people start or meet their financial goals. The Personal Spending Plan Worksheet can plan, track, and organize monthly spending. One-on-one guidance is also available through Next Step workshops. Regions Bank customers can access My GreenInsights, a convenient financial management tool that helps to create and track budgets, set financial goals, and combine external accounts.

It is highly recommended that people consider zero-based budgeting, track spending, set savings goals, maintain an emergency savings fund, pay down debt, and take on savings challenges. These steps are necessary to keep tabs on the flow of income and expenses and plan for unexpected and emergency expenses. As inflation impacts every aspect of daily living, it is imperative to focus on managing money for financial wellness. Regions Next Step is a solid starting point to help people become more financially literate.

In conclusion, Regions Bank is leading the way during Financial Literacy Month by offering a comprehensive financial education program aimed at helping individuals achieve financial goals and maintain financial wellness in the midst of economic volatility. Regions Next Step offers a suite of guides, calculators, and self-paced lessons to help anyone start or meet their financial goals.

Denk Liu
Denk Liu
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