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Repeatedly Purchased Cleaning Tools from Amazon By Experts: A List of 12

As someone who finds cleaning a bit of a chore, I was thrilled to discover the wealth of cleaning gadgets available on Amazon. From nifty little dusters to high-tech power washers, these tools can make dreaded cleaning tasks that little bit easier. I reached out to some cleaning professionals to get their top picks for the best Amazon products to make life easier.

First up is the Window Blinds Duster, a handy device for tackling hard-to-reach dust on window blinds, air conditioners, and fans. It’s perfect for anyone finding this task a struggle.

Next, the Grout Brush, a hard-bristle brush perfect for deep cleaning your bathroom, kitchen and even outdoor spaces. According to Vice President of Operations at Daimer Industries, Matthew Baratta, this brush is durable enough to clean hard surfaces without scratching them.

The Swiffer WetJet is an all-in-one cleaning system that loosens dirt and grime, while the absorbent pad traps and locks it away. It’s perfect for quickly tackling floor cleaning tasks.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty cleaning product, look no further than the drill brush. Chris Willatt, owner of Alpine Maids in Denver, swears by these drill brush attachments for scrubbing out tough stains with minimal elbow grease.

For outdoor cleaning tasks, Amber Noyes, horticulturist and editor of Gardening Chores, recommends the Electric Power Washer. It’s perfect for blasting away dirt, grime, and mildew from decks, patios, and outdoor furniture.

If you’re tired of bending over to scrub floors, the Mop Slippers are sure to make you smile. Slip them on and start mopping – it’s that easy!

The Cleaning Putty is a fun and innovative way to pick up dirt and crumbs from keyboards, car interiors, and other small spaces. And if you’re tired of harsh chemicals, the Microwave Cleaner uses steam to wear down even the most stubborn of stains.

The Mop and Bucket makes mopping a breeze with its built-in wringer and splash guard. And finally, the Shark Vacuum is a high-quality must-have for any home, with the Shark Navigator being one of Amazon’s top-rated models.

Related Facts:
– The drill brush attachments went viral on TikTok and are now a must-have for many cleaning enthusiasts.
– Some cleaning professionals recommend going for a pressure washer with a gas-powered engine rather than an electric one for even more power.

Key Takeaway:
If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy cleaning, investing in a few handy gadgets can really make life easier. From hard-to-reach dust to tough stains, these products are sure to save you time and effort.

In conclusion, these 12 cleaning gadgets from Amazon are highly recommended by cleaning professionals for their effectiveness and ease of use. From small spaces to large outdoor areas, there’s a product for every cleaning task. So why not make cleaning a little less of a chore and invest in one of these handy gadgets today?

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