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Queer Eye Season 7’s Most Surprising Home Reveals

The Most Shocking Home Reveal Moments From Queer Eye Season 7

Queer Eye, the Netflix hit reality show, has touched the lives of millions with its meaningful makeovers and personal transformations. The seventh season, which aired on May 12, was no exception. Though every element of the show moves us to tears, the home reveals in each episode never fail to stir deep emotions within the viewers. As a design editor, I find the transformation of the heroes’ homes from dull and lifeless to stunning and functional spaces to be incredibly uplifting. Here are the Most Shocking Home Reveal Moments from Queer Eye Season 7.

Episode 1: Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Brothers

The Fab Five surprised the University of New Orleans’s Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity brothers, who were living in a decrepit house with fruit flies, dirty dishes and loose floorboards. Bobby Berk, the design expert of the show, was able to transform the frat house into a stunning space, even with the help of contractors. The most impressive transformation was in the kitchen, which was barely functional and cluttered. Berk replaced the bar that was being used as a preparation island with a proper island, tiled the wall, replaced the cabinets and installed more stylish window treatments to give the room a brighter and more functional outlook.

Episode 2: Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Williams, one of the biggest Saints football fans in New Orleans, had recently bought a house but was still living with her father. In this episode, Berk’s task was to transform the blank slate bedroom. He removed the wall-to-wall carpeting, replaced the unsightly ceiling fan with a pendant light, and created a design moment around the bed. He even added a proper sitting area with nesting drink tables and a curved sofa.

Episode 3: Speedy

18-year-old Speedy was a former star basketball player who was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident that killed both his mother and aunt. Before the Fab Five moved him into his own apartment and paid his rent for a year, he was living in a house that was not very accessible. Berk made his new first-floor apartment equipped with ramps, shelves that pull down, and, most importantly, a wheel-in shower that requires zero transfers. Berk also removed most of the interior doors, making it easier for Speedy to move around.

Episode 4: Jenni Seckel

Jenni Seckel was the principal of a New Orleans elementary school until she was promoted to a director-level role. She blamed her extremely messy and undone home on her busy work schedule, which gave her no time to enjoy downtime or clean. Berk transformed the space with soothing dark colors, soft touchable textures and plenty of storage to make decluttering easier. He even transformed a formerly unused sunroom into a bright and airy office space for her work from home days.

Episode 5: Dan Stein

Dan Stein, the owner of an iconic Jewish deli, is a local celebrity in New Orleans. He works so much that he hardly spends any time at home, which is why it looked sad and empty when the Fab Five came over. Berk turned it into a space that is appropriate for a fiftysomething business owner and comfortable for his girlfriend and her grown children. Though Berk rarely keeps the heroes’ furniture, he decided to leave Stein’s bed in place, but painted it jet black.

Episode 6: Maryam Henderson-Uloho

Maryam Henderson-Uloho is the proud mother of seven who spent almost 13 years in prison for obstruction of justice in the past and now runs SisterHearts Boutique. Berk transformed her cluttered and cramped home, making it more functional and spacious. He installed more storage space, painted the walls with light, airy colors and added beautiful accessories and decor pieces, making her home a more aesthetically pleasing and peaceful space for her and her family.

Related Facts:

– The Fab Five consists of Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, and Bobby Berk.
– The show has won four Primetime Emmy Awards.
– The heroes, or nominees, are people who are nominated by their friends, family, or colleagues because they need help or support in their lives.
– The show is originally based on the Bravo series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Key Takeaway:

Queer Eye’s season 7 home reveals showcased the incredible transformational power of interior design. Bobby Berk, with his exceptional eye for design and style, was able to transform even the most rundown and cramped homes to stunning and functional spaces. The show underscores the importance of a beautiful and functional living space, and how it can impact an individual’s mental health, productivity, and overall well-being.


Queer Eye’s season 7 showcased some of the most shocking home reveals yet, but what sets the show apart is how it seamlessly integrates personal transformation with home design. The Fab Five’s ability to understand each hero’s backstory and tailor their makeover to suit their individual needs is what sets the show apart. The show also underscores the importance of investing in oneself, both personally and in one’s living space, and how a positive change in one can lead to a positive change in all aspects of life.

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