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Proximity Unveils Revolutionary Technology for Political Campaigns

Proximity Launches Disruptive Technology for Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are often seen as outdated and haphazard systems, but Proximity, an all-in-one, comprehensive campaign management platform, aims to change that. Created by Becki Wright, who personally experienced the need for an overhaul, Proximity gives users all the tools they need to successfully run their campaigns. The platform includes a guided questioning system that helps beginners consider important factors such as deadlines and requirements.

Wright’s background in advocacy work and her personal experience running for Centerville City Council in 2015 inspired her to create Proximity. Wright realized that many of the resources she needed simply did not exist, and people were running campaigns off a Google spreadsheet. This inspired her to create a more efficient and centralized system.

Wright first tested her idea while working on Becky Edwards’ senate campaign, realizing that the inefficiencies of campaigns happen at all levels. Proximity was created as a public benefit corporation, with the intention of removing barriers to entry into political leadership, improving election literacy, and spurring campaign innovation.

Proximity’s MVP combines the essentials Wright had mapped out over several years. Wright vetted different developers before choosing Amazatic, recognizing their leadership team for recognizing her expertise and understanding of the subject matter.

Related Facts:

– Proximity aims to make political campaigns more efficient and accessible for beginners.
– The platform was created by Becki Wright’s personal experiences with running campaigns.
– Proximity is a public benefit corporation, focusing on doing good and making a profit.

Key Takeaway:

Proximity offers a promising new solution to the outdated methods of political campaigns. The platform’s guided questioning system, centralization, and accessibility could change how campaigns are run in the future.


Proximity’s launch could spark a new era of political campaigns, making it easier for beginners to navigate the complicated system and creating a more efficient system overall. With its focus on accessibility and centralization, Proximity offers a new way forward for political campaigns.

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