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Preserving Texas Hill Country through a Comfortable Home Design

Comfort Home Designed to Preserve Texas Hill Country


Michelle Whitwell Pokorny, a resident of Comfort, Texas, is an ardent supporter of environmental sustainability, particularly when it comes to preserving and protecting the beloved Texas Hill Country. She recently built a new home on 160 acres of land called Rio Lupe. In collaboration with Brad Moore Builders and the Hill Country Alliance, she worked hard to reduce the home’s footprint and make it blend seamlessly with the environment. The result is an impressive, rustic home that reflects Texas charm.

Efforts to preserve Texas Hill Country

To reduce her home’s environmental impact and preserve the Hill Country, Pokorny implemented several key measures. First, she installed a 50,000-gallon rainwater catchment system and solar panels to ensure minimal dependence on municipal water and electricity systems. Second, she planted native landscaping and refrained from adding landscape lighting to preserve the area’s dark skies. Third, she incorporated fixtures, furnishings, and decorations made of reclaimed and refurbished materials drastically.

The Comfort Home

The Comfort Home is a perfect reflection of Texas Hill Country. The kitchen features modern appliances and a glazed, copper tile backsplash, contrasted by a countertop-to-ceiling wall made from reclaimed railroad freight car flooring. The primary bedroom has a two-piece headboard made of reclaimed wood, with remnants of hand-painted flowers giving it a rustic yet feminine touch. The bathroom features large tiles embedded with 50-million-year-old fossils of fish from the Green River Formation in Wyoming, displaying a unique connection to nature.

Preservation of Texan History and Tradition

Pokorny’s home features many unique and antique furnishings that remind us of Texas history and tradition. The study and office are entered through a pair of reclaimed antique doors taken from an old hotel on the East Coast. An old plumbing pipe was added along the beam above the doors to hide the seam. The bench in the front entryway was pieced together using a decorative board complete with lantern holes from a Nepalese monastery, estimated to be 200 to 300 years old. It was combined with a pair of legs taken from an old Singer sewing machine. Another reclaimed piece is an old birdcage, perhaps used for transporting carrier pigeons, displayed artistically.

Related Facts

– Texas Hill Country is characterized by rocky terrain, rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes that attract tourists worldwide.
– Natural resources like water and electricity are scarce in the Hill Country due to a shallow aquifer system, making it essential to conserve the available resources.
– Sustainable building practices not only promote environmental conservation but can also reduce utility costs and increase a home’s value.

Key Takeaway

Pokorny’s home in Comfort, Texas, is an excellent testament to sustainable living and preserving Texas heritage and culture. Instead of creating a generic home that would stand out like a sore thumb in the Hill Country, she worked hard to make her home blend harmoniously with the environment, adding to its rustic charm.


By prioritizing sustainability, Michelle Whitwell Pokorny has created a unique living space in Texas Hill Country. With her efforts to preserve, conserve, and sustain the land, she has become a role model for everyone who wants to reduce their environmental impact and live harmoniously with nature. The Comfort Home is an excellent example of how a house can be both stylish and sustainable, preserving our natural resources.

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