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People are quitting their 9-5 to move to Botswana due to a surprising career change

Heading 1: The Surprising Career Change That’s Making People Quit Their 9-5 – and Move to Botswana

Intro: Have you ever dreamed of leaving behind the hustle and bustle of your daily 9-5 routine in search of a life-altering adventure? Well, a new and exciting career opportunity may have just arisen for you. Safari guiding and wildlife tracking courses are on the rise, with more and more people considering a ‘conscious sabbatical’ as a feasible career change. One organization offering such a journey is Natucate, a travel company that organizes meaningful experiences in remote areas such as the Northern Tuli Game Reserve on the Botswana-Zimbabwe border.

Heading 2: The Appeal of Safari Guiding and Wildlife Tracking

Safari guiding and wildlife tracking may seem like dream careers, but they offer an enticing prospect for nature enthusiasts and those seeking an alternative to the 9-5. With over 150 students trained in the last year alone, it’s clear that this industry is on the rise. EcoTraining’s courses train a diverse range of individuals from all walks of life, including grandparents, couples, university students, government workers, and novelists. The students share a common interest in connecting with others, themselves, and the natural world.

Heading 3: From Johannesburg to the Botswana Bush

The Tuli reserve covers all the land north of the Limpopo River, and because of a recent spike in rainfall, the thicket was dense and green. The journey to the reserve was long and arduous, involving a flight to Johannesburg followed by a cross-border drive. But once the group arrived, they were greeted by trained field guides who led them on game drives and game walks.

Heading 4: Living in the Botswana Bush

Living in the bush was a unique and unforgettable experience for the students. They embraced the dirt and co-dependency that comes with communal living, like a troop of baboons. Away from the distractions of screens and technology, the students found themselves in a state of pure immersion in nature. They quickly formed bonds with each other while learning about tracking paw prints and listening to the sounds of the bush.

Heading 5: The Beauty of the African Wildlife

The game drives and walks offered the students the chance to witness the incredible diversity of African wildlife. They spotted elephants, zebras, giraffes, and impalas, to name just a few. One particular highlight was the greater kudu, a master of camouflage that blends effortlessly into its surroundings.

Related Facts:

– Safari guiding and wildlife tracking courses are on the rise as people seek alternative careers and ‘conscious sabbaticals’.

– EcoTraining has trained approximately 150 individuals in the last year, ranging from grandparents to government clerks.

– The Tuli reserve is rich in African wildlife, such as elephants, zebras, giraffes, and impalas.

Key Takeaway:

Safari guiding and wildlife tracking offer a unique and alternative career path, perfect for those who love nature and crave adventure. Living in the bush and interacting with a diverse range of individuals offers a unique and enriching experience.


If you’re looking for a new and unconventional career path, safari guiding and wildlife tracking may be for you. Living in the bush, exploring the natural world, and connecting with like-minded individuals offers a life-altering experience that is hard to replicate in any other context.

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