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Parts Procurement Technology Saves Jackson Health $1M

Jackson Health Saves $1M with Parts Procurement Technology

Jackson Health System, a public health system, is committed to providing high-quality care to all Miami-Dade County residents regardless of their ability to pay. However, the organization faced several problems related to clinical decision support data technology, including procurement of medical equipment parts, work order ticketing systems, and enhanced cybersecurity oversight.

The Problems

Procurement of Medical Equipment Parts

Previously, Jackson had challenges with parts procurement and quality, which led to the in-house establishment of a new clinical engineering model in 2019. The health system aimed to work with a vendor that allowed them to achieve greater cost savings, standardize parts and service procurement, enhance quality, and improve overall efficiencies. With 45,000 pieces of medical equipment to manage, they needed data to analyze the effectiveness of parts used and associated cost and quality issues.

Work Order Ticketing System through CMMS

Jackson didn’t have a viable CMMS system nor an effective way of creating a work order ticketing system. It required a computer-based system to integrate time and financial systems and link to its CMMS to set up an automated work order system for all staff. The health system lacked accountability from the perspective of true turnaround time, which led to delayed transfer of information regarding equipment issues to the technicians.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Oversight

Jackson lacked an effective patch management program for its internet of medical things systems and sought to find an AI-assisted program to address this challenge. Enhanced cybersecurity oversight was a priority to prevent disruptions in the IT infrastructure and prevent cybersecurity incidents that could cost up to $10 million on average.

The Proposal


Jackson streamlined its procurement process and worked with PartsSource to access many different products from multiple companies, aligning with quality standards. Jackson wanted to provide efficiency to the CE staff in procuring parts and managing orders. The parts vendor’s platform offered visibility at a detailed level, helping the technicians to track and trace their parts orders, manage internal expectations on up-times, track returns and core exchanges, which meant fewer wasted time and money for the organization.

Work Order Ticketing System Through CMMS

Jackson implemented a computer-based system to integrate time and financial systems, automated work order systems, and accountable turnaround time. The work order system allowed for better communication between staff and technicians, reducing delays in equipment issue management.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Oversight

Jackson implemented an AI-assisted program for patch management to prevent disruptions in the IT infrastructure and protect against cybersecurity incidents.

Related Facts

  • Clinical engineering teams manage medical equipment and supplies, ensure patient safety, and optimize equipment functionality.
  • Medical equipment parts procurement is typically fragmented, leading to challenges in procurement and quality.
  • Cybersecurity incidents can disable medical devices, threaten patient safety, and cause financial losses.

Key Takeaway

Implementing new technologies in procurement, work order systems, and cybersecurity oversight can streamline processes, reduce costs, improve patient care, and ensure patient safety.


Jackson Health System faced challenges in procurement, work order systems, and cybersecurity oversight, but with the help of new technologies, they were able to streamline their processes, reduce costs, and improve patient care. Their partnerships with vendors, such as PartsSource, and implementation of computer-based systems and AI-assisted programs illustrate the importance of using technology to improve public health systems.

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