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Packed with nostalgia, SAS General Store is a precious Southside treasure.

SAS General Store is a Southside gem packed with nostalgia

As a journalist and shoe enthusiast, I had to pay a visit to the SAS General Store and Factory Outlet on San Antonio’s Southside. Known for their comfortable and quality-made shoes, SAS has been a staple in the orthopedic market for years. But, what most people may not know is that the SAS General Store offers an experience that takes visitors back to a simpler time.

The Charm of SAS General Store

The store is housed in the company’s first factory, which has expanded over time, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels like a step back in time. The charm of the SAS General Store is in the details. Vintage decor like 1950s-era Coca-Cola signs, antique brooms, and shoe shine chairs can be found throughout the store, adding to the nostalgia.

In addition to shoes, visitors can browse through a selection of Texas-made salsas, syrups, jams, butters, and even modest toys. The General Store is perfect for finding gifts for those who appreciate rustic aesthetics.

SAS Shoe Factory Tour

Shoe enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that they can take a tour of the SAS shoe factory. Visitors can watch shoemakers handcrafting shoes and even try on samples on the factory’s sales floor. The factory is open to the public on weekdays, and the tour is perfect for those who appreciate the craft of shoemaking.

The SAS Bull

For those who love taking photos, the SAS bull on display on the sales floor is something not to be missed. Children especially will get a kick out of this.


The SAS General Store and Factory Outlet is a must-visit for those who appreciate nostalgia. From the vintage decor to the shoemaker handcrafting shoes, there’s something here for everyone. And, for those who insist on comfort, SAS shoes are a must-try. The SAS General Store is a Southside gem that remains a beloved San Antonio institution.

Related Facts

– SAS was founded in 1976 by Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden.
– SAS shoes, known for their comfort and durability, are handmade.
– Visitors can find discounted prices on SAS shoes at the Factory Outlet.
– The SAS General Store features unique gifts tailored to the rustic aesthetic.

Key Takeaway

The SAS General Store and Factory Outlet is not just a place to buy shoes but an experience. Visitors are taken back in time to an era where the simple things in life were appreciated. The vintage decor, the handcrafted shoes, and the selection of unique gifts make this store a Southside gem that everyone should visit at least once.

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